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Climbing Mount Fuji

There’s a saying in Japan that a brave man climbs Mount Fuji once but only an idiot climbs it twice, or something like that, anyway I totally get it, it’s one of those things that you can only experience for yourself, the sight of about a million people meandering up the trail at the same time was almost comical at times. We left crazy early in the morning and made it in time to see a gorgeous sunrise. Nice work team! Unfortunately we then had to go down, which I found much worse than the ascent, just ask my shoes (or what’s left of them).

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Ushiku Daibutsu Fireworks Festival

Ibaraki roadtrip! I went south to enjoy a fireworks festival and check out the Ushiku Daibutsu (Buddha). Turned out to be a great night, the Daibutsu is 120 metres tall and looked great in front of the fireworks. Further down the road there was some kind of ceremony involving a rogue supernova, only in Japan, but that’s why we love it!

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Mito Sunset

I toughed out the earlier storms and was treated to this gorgeous sunset as my reward.


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Mito Lightning

Holy guacamole! (yes I had to check the spelling) So I move to Japan to teach a little English and what do I get in the first week? Crazy town lightning storms in my new home city of Mito (and earthquakes, and possibly Godzilla attacks, I forget…). The gods were angry my friends, the gods were angry.


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Arriving in Japan!

After doing 25 years of hard time in New Zealand (kidding!) I decided to move to Japan to experience something different. Was it an easy decision? Not at all. Am I looking forward to the challenge? Absolutely. I’ll be teaching English on the JET programme….here’s a random building in Shibuya! 🙂


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First Post!

My first post, wow, I should probably write something deep and meaningful here but I can’t really think of anything. Anyway, I love to explore the world and I’m getting into photography to the point where it’s bordering on obsessive,  I currently have a Sony DSC-T10 point and click which is conveniently sized but inconveniently terrible so bear with me. Expect travel stories with a focus on photography and a healthy dose of awkward kiwi humour, should be fun.


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