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Skiing in Niseko

Other than all the annoying Aussies (jokes!), Niseko was amazing, great slopes and not overcrowded like you might expect. I ski rather than board by the way, which probably means I’m not cool, unless I’m somehow retro cool, god I hope so.


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Sapporo Snow Festival

I took the ferry from Ibaraki to Hokkaido for the Sapporo Snow Festival. I loved the snow sculptures, hot ramen and everything else that makes Sapporo so much fun this time of year. If you’re wondering about the pics, Japanese golfer Ryo Ishikawa is the big head, Marimokkori is the character with the suspicious bulge in his pants and the statue is of William Clark, an American professor who worked as a foreign advisor in Sapporo back in 1876, his parting words were “Boys, be ambitious!” which has become a well know motto in Japan, I guess he told the girls to shut up and get back in the kitchen…


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