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Giant Robotic Spider in Yokohama

I still haven’t quite worked out what was going on here, something to do with an¬†anniversary celebration¬†in Yokohama, so naturally there were giant robotic spiders involved. I took the pic with my phone which hopefully explains the horrendous quality. On a side note I’m thinking about driving one of those things to work.


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Mito Komon Matsuri – Festival Time!

Every year around the start of August Mito holds the mother of all festivals called the Mito Komon Matsuri, I won’t get into detail on exactly who Mito Komon was but lets just say he was a BIG DEAL. They shut down the main street and pretty much the whole city takes part in the festivities, singing songs, waving flags, banging drums, eating takoyaki, dancing and just having a good time. At one point all the main float things converged on an intersection and some wild looking half human half animal performed tricks on a ladder, now that’s how you festival!


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