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Goshikinuma – The Five Colored Lakes

After climbing Mount Bandai I learnt that it was once an active volcano that erupted violently back in 1888. In fact that’s pretty much how the whole Urabandai area of Fukushima formed. As well as destroying a whole bunch of stuff, the volcano created some pretty unique lakes. There’s five in particular that are well known for their beautiful colors which developed from mineral deposits after the volcanic eruption. The Japanese name for the five lakes is Goshikinuma and their individual names are Bishamon-numa, Aka-numa, Ao-numa, Benten-numa and Midori-numa. It got pretty late while I was there so I’m not sure if I ticked them all off in the darkness, my four photos suggest I probably didn’t. Being colored blind (deficient?) doesn’t help either but I definitely knew when I was looking at the blue one (Ao-numa), it’s seriously blue.

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Climbing Mount Bandai in Fukushima

I love a bit of hiking and with Mount Bandai so close it was a no-brainer to get out there and tick it off. It’s only 1819 metres high but that’s a decent day trip and the views from the top were spectacular. Kudos to the sun for coming to the party, you always hope for nice weather but nothing’s a guarantee at altitude.


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Camping at Lake Hibara, Urabandai

I spent a few days camping in the beautiful Urabandai area of Fukushima. We stayed next to Lake Hibara where there was easy access to hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing and other activities. I didn’t know much about the area beforehand so was pleasantly surprised, it’s a great spot.

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