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West Virginia Sunset

A day like today is what makes road tripping around the US so much fun, exploring random spots, meeting friendly people and ending up in the middle of nowhere. A place that while feeling like the middle of nowhere to me, is actually very much a somewhere. How about I shut up and you look at this pretty photo of a sunset, West Virginia style.


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Looking at Planes in Dayton, Ohio

The United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio was nearby so we thought we’d check it out. It’s a huge facility with pretty much every plane imaginable on display and then I few that you need to see to believe (flying saucers included). It was interesting reading the stories behind the planes as well as exploring the research & development section and walking through the old Air Force One presidential planes. Definitely worth a look.


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Chicago on a Good Day

Apparently there’s nothing better than Chicago on a good day, well I’ll like to go ahead and confirm that. The only thing that could have made it better was the Bulls beating the Heat but I guess you can’t have it all. In fact we were lucky enough to get three good days out of Chi-Town, relaxing in Millennium Park, staring at the giant silver jellybean, cruising the waterfront, venturing to the top of Willis Tower etc. I was told to try Chicago’s famous deep pan pizza, and it almost killed me. I pride myself on my food eating abilities but this was more cheese than a mere mortal could handle, I battled through two slices before collapsing to the floor and assuming the fetal position.

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Panorama

A panorama photo from qualifying day at the Indy 500.


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Indy 500 Qualifying

Made a slight detour to catch our boy Scott Dixon qualify second fastest for the Indy 500. It was a loud but fun day and we got to meet Scott after he’d finished qualifying too. We offered him use of the Ram for the big race but he politely declined.


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The Gateway Arch in St Louis

Only had a couple of days in St Louis but I really enjoyed my time there. Relaxing in the sun under the Gateway Arch is a nice way to spend an afternoon. Later on we decided to go to the top of the arch for a nice birds eye view of the city which was a cool experience, those little pods that take you to the top are pretty cramped though! On a side note, finding arches in America that aren’t golden is pretty amazing.


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Channeling Elvis at Graceland Mansion

Channel your inner Elvis as we head inside his pimped out Graceland Mansion in Memphis, we’re talking private planes, platinum records, funky lounges and leadlight peacocks here folks, get excited!

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Sun Studio in Memphis

Sun Studio in Memphis is pretty much the home of rock and roll. Elvis started his career here and everyone from Roy Orbison to Johnny Cash have recorded at the studio at one stage or another so it was fun checking it out.


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A Weekend in New Orleans

We rolled in to New Orleans where the big easy delivered a smorgasbord of lazy days and blurry nights. Bourbon St was as advertised while the riverfront offered a relaxing change of pace during the day. Away from that you could sense the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as the city slowly recovers. Tip of the hat to Mother’s Restaurant for a solid brunch too, that’s some good baked ham.

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St Louis Cathedral

I went down to the French Quarter of New Orleans to soak up the atmosphere and have a look at the St Louis Cathedral, which is apparently the oldest in North America, top effort.


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Under a Bridge in New Orleans

I took a late night walk around New Orleans and found myself under a bridge, cue the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


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Flying Down the Highway

Cruising down the highway towards New Orleans and hang on a minute, there’s something wrong with this picture.


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Doing NASA Stuff at Houston Space Center

You can’t come to Houston and not go to the Space Center! Not because it’s amazing but because there’s probably nothing else to do in Houston. We were only there for a day so that’s probably a little harsh, maybe we just caught it on a bad day. As for the Space Center, it’s pretty cool seeing the old NASA shuttles, mission control etc but nothing to write home about, I’d like to see them introduce actual trips to the moon so I can see what all the fuss is about.


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The Alamo in San Antonio

Had a quick look around the Alamo in San Antonio, home of the Battle of the Alamo back in 1836. I know very little about this battle sorry but I’m pretty sure Tim Duncan and David Robinson were involved.



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Hamilton Pool Panorama

A panorama photo of the Hamilton Pool near Austin, Texas.


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Swimming in Hamilton Pool near Austin

Not far outside Austin you’ll find Hamilton Pool, a great spot for an afternoon swim.


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Enrolling at the University of Texas in Austin

Okay so we didn’t enroll at the University of Texas but we were definitely tempted. Austin seems like a great city and the Longhorns could probably do with a few kiwis on the roster. They play on campus at the Texas Memorial Stadium, which apparently holds over 100000 people!

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Mavericks v Lakers in Dallas

We had a great few days in Dallas where, among other things, we watched the Mavericks sweep the Lakers in the NBA playoffs, good times.


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Colorado Panorama

A panorama photo taken in Colorado, near the Mesa Verde National Park.


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Cliff Palace Panorama

A panorama of Cliff Palace at the Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.


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