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USA Road Trip Highlights

After an epic road trip through the USA I thought I’d put together an album featuring some of the highlights. From LA to New York we really covered some miles, ticking off awesome natural spots like Yosemite, Zion and Monument Valley, as well as big cities like San Francisco, Dallas and New York. My camera stayed busy with more than enough material to work with, these are some of my favourite shots.

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End of the US Road Trip

The US road trip is over, it feels weird just typing that but I can’t hide from the truth, months of cruising the highways are over and it’s time to get on a plane and head back to Middle-earth. As tough as it is, this is the right time for the US road trip to come to a close, we made it all the way from LA to New York after scraping the Ram in Boston (I almost cried) and we’re still alive to tell the tale. It’s been a pleasure exploring the US and the people we’ve met along the way have been really friendly (with an occasional weirdo thrown in to keep things interesting). Looking forward to doing it again someday.


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Manhattan Panorama

A panorama photo of the island of Manhattan taken from the top of the Rockefeller Center.


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Being a Super-Tourist in New York

71.4% of people on the island of Manhattan are tourists (I completely made that up) and I am one of them. This means I do things like walking the Brooklyn Bridge, exploring Central Park, visiting the diner from Seinfeld, eating street food, chilling at rooftop bars, making shady transactions on Wall Street and so on. After finishing my 5th day of this routine I think I’ve become some sort of super-tourist, just try and stop me taking a photo of that skinny looking building I once saw on Friends!

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Empire State Building with a Sweet Filter

Here we have what would have been a lame photo of the Empire State Building from the Rockefeller Center, until I jazzed it up with a sweet Instagram-esque filter! Sometimes I don’t know how I do it.


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Taking Photos in Times Square

Times Square, where lots of people gather for no apparent reason, other than to gaze at huge advertising and take photos that feature a lot of other people taking photos. I am one of them.


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A Day at Fenway Park

You can’t come to Boston and not watch the Red Sox play at Fenway Park so off we went to experience the legendary ballpark. There’s a lot of history here and an intimate setting that makes you feel part of the action. It is baseball though so you’ve got to make sure there’s a beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other or you’ll probably get bored.


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An Apology to My Arteries

I’ve been traveling around the USA for a few months now so I’ve seen my fair share of American food. I’d like to make a formal apology to my arteries for what they’ve been put through. This photo pretty much sums it up. I like to think I’m fairly open minded but the cheese over here is just wrong.


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Cheers, You’re in Boston

Time for a beer in the Cheers bar to celebrate our arrival in Boston.


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Somewhere on Cape Cod

Out to Cape Cod for a day on the beach.


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Philadelphia is Difficult to Spell

Philadelphia, I spell the name wrong every time, that’s not the people of Filladelfia’s fault though so let’s move on. The city of brotherly love delivered some enjoyable days highlighted by non other than the great Rocky Balboa, did I run up the steps and jump around like an idiot? You bet I did. We also saw the first street in the US, the home of the first US flag, giant adaptors and miniature bells, awesome. On a down note we forget to have a philly cheesesteak, that’s two in a row after we forgot to see the Pentagon in DC, we’re getting sloppy.

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Breaking: The Liberty Bell is Small!

This just in, the Liberty Bell is small! For some reason I always thought it was big! You know nothing Jon Snow.


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Statue Stuff in Washington DC

Statues and museums are tough spots for photography in my opinion, unless there’s something particularly interesting going on it’s all very static and lifeless. I wasn’t overly excited by my photos in Washington DC but I did have a great time cycling around and seeing the place with my own eyes. As well as checking out the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Capitol Hill, White House and various museums, we also had a rather long and pointless discussion about the virtues of sitting or standing for a statue, I think I’d be one of the lazy ones who sits down (sorry Abe!).

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