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Buckingham Palace

I couldn’t come to London and not visit Buckingham Palace! I got there just as the sun was going down and I think it looks pretty cool with this funky filter, lovely jubbly.


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Putney Bridge Lights

If you catch the Putney Bridge lights in London just as they turn on in the early evening they look kinda psychedelic against the blue backdrop. It’s a really simple photo but I think it’s becoming one of my favourites.


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Big Ben from All Angles

Why take one photo of Big Ben when you can take a million from all different angles? Because that would be impractical, that’s why. Instead I chose to take 5, I admit that they’re all pretty similar but c’mon, it’s Big Ben! One of London’s most beloved landmarks.


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Sunset on the Thames River in Hammersmith

It was such gorgeous evening I decided to grab my camera and go for a walk along the Thames River in Hammersmith. The sun looked amazing as it set over the water and there were plenty of people out and about to enjoy it. It’s not often you get a perfect evening like this in London so you’ve got to make the most of it!


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New York Revisited

16 months after my first trip to New York I managed to get back to the Big Apple and check out a range of new spots, as well as watch the US tennis open for the first time. There’s so much going on in New York that you only need to grab your camera and go for a walk to find something cool. I took a few nice skylines this time around and it was fun getting out to Liberty Island, stumbling across the bronze sculptures at Penny Park and seeing the additions to the High Line.

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New York Skyline Sunset

During an incredible evening watching the US Open men’s tennis final I took this sunset photo of the New York skyline, a memorable way to end my second visit to the Big Apple.


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US Open Tennis Men’s Final

Tonight I was lucky enough to watch the US Open men’s tennis final at Arthur Ashe Stadium here in New York. Kudos to Andy Murray for finally getting over the hump and winning his first grand slam title against an always tough to beat Novak Djokovic. It was an amazing match that started early in the afternoon and continued through to the early evening. The fact that it went so long gave me a chance to climb to the top of the stadium and get this photo with the New York skyline in the background as the sun went down, just an incredible experience standing up there. After weather delays earlier in the tournament the final was put back to September 10, the day I was due to leave. Fortunately for me I was able to reschedule my flight and enjoy a day to remember at Flushing Meadows.


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Underground Records

I was walking aimlessly around Queens when I came across this awesome record store. Technically it was above ground but underground sounds way cooler so let’s run with that.


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Pepsi-Cola Sign

Among other interesting things at the Gantry Plaza State Park is a 60 foot Pepsi-Cola sign that is left over from the old Pepsi bottling plant, retro cool!


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Sunset Over Manhattan

It looked like it was going to be a gorgeous evening so I jumped on the subway and went over to the Gantry Plaza State Park in Queens to watch the sunset over midtown Manhattan. It’s a great little spot and the sunset certainly didn’t disappoint.


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Bronze Sculptures at Penny Park

Today I stumbled across a fantastic collection of bronze sculptures created by Tom Otterness that are known as “The Real World”. These wonderful characters can be found at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park (also known as Penny Park) in lower Manhattan. The sculptures depict real life social and cultural issues but their comical nature is the first thing that draws you in. I had a blast taking photos of these sculptures and recommend checking them out if you’re in the area.


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An Epic Cloud Over New York

There had been some funky clouds around New York all day and by the time I was on the ferry back from Liberty Island they had graduated to seriously awesome. This epic beast of a cloud shielded the sun as we made our way back to Manhattan. The clouds were so cool I half expected the ferry staff to charge me extra for my ticket! But then I remembered they were already ripping me off….haha just kidding! (maybe).


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Statue of Liberty

You’ve probably already seen photos of the Statue of Liberty before so bear with me on this one. I never made it out to Liberty Island last time I was in New York so I jumped on a ferry and did my best to make up for lost time. I took a lot of photos but I think I like the dramatic clouds in the background of this one best.


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A Sunflower in New York

While walking the streets of New York today I came across this lovely looking sunflower bathing in the sun, how great are sunflowers!


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Walking the High Line in NYC

I really enjoyed walking along the High Line park last time I was in New York so I made sure to get back down to the lower west side of Manhattan to experience it again. The elevated walkway had been lengthened since I last saw it and there were new plants, sculptures and other artwork to enjoy. The High Line is a wonderful development and a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon in the sun.


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The Kiss

While I was walking the High Line in New York today I stumbled across this awesome piece of street art. No doubt you’ve seen the ‘V-J Day in Times Square’ photo showing an American sailor kissing a woman in a white dress after the end of the war on Japan was announced back in 1945. I think this is a really cool spin on that photo, so nice work ‘KOBRA’, whoever you may be.


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Over 99 Billion Served

Over 99 billion served at McDonalds….wait what?! Over 99 billion served?! C’mon people!! Haha this statistic sounded ridiculous at first but after crunching some numbers in my head I think it might be accurate…yikes! And yes I too am partial to the occasional Big Mac.


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New Camera! Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Today is a monumental day, after selling my right kidney to pay for it I am giddy with excitement to announce the arrival of my brand spanking new Canon EOS 5D Mark III! With a name like that it’s gotta be good right? Let’s hope so, I really liked that kidney. I went with the 5D Mark III for a number of reasons, for starters I’m finally taking this photography stuff seriously enough to justify the purchase of a fancy pants camera (well almost). I really wanted something that performed well in low light conditions, which the Mark III apparently does according to reviews. The closest rival was a similarly priced Nikon that had some awesome specs but almost too many megapixels for me and my aging computer to handle. Anyway, I can’t wait to play around with my new Canon, the amount of buttons and dials is pretty intimidating so it will probably take me a while to get comfortable with all the different functions. I’m off to New York next week so there should be no shortage of photo opportunities. Before I go I’d just like to say goodbye to my faithful Sony NEX-5, what a fantastic camera you were, and so light! This new thing is a tank in comparison!

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