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A Few Wedding Pics

Wedding photography is harder than I thought so kudos to all those that do it for a living. I took a few snaps today and soon realized how slow I am at setting up my camera for photos in various lighting conditions etc. Thankfully a few came out nicely, congrats to Mark and April!!!


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Arriving in Mustangs

There’s arriving in style, then there’s arriving in STYLE! At a friend’s wedding today we chose the later. You don’t want to be late to a wedding so going in a Mustang sounds like a good idea to me, the venue was around 40km away so we had time to enjoy the ride as well as pose for a few photos afterwards, awesome.


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Tata Beach, Golden Bay

I used to visit Golden Bay more often when I was younger but it hasn’t happened much recently so it was nice to get over the Takaka Hill and enjoy Tata Beach, one of many beautiful spots in the region.


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Pohutukawa – The New Zealand Christmas Tree

‘Tis the season so here’s a photo of a Pohutukawa tree on Tata Beach in New Zealand’s Golden Bay. The Pohutukawa is known for it’s beautiful red flowers and ability to grow pretty much anywhere. The flowers tend to bloom in late December so it is often referred to as the New Zealand Christmas Tree. The scientific name is Metrosideros excelsa (which I’m pretty sure is also a spell used in the Harry Potter books), it’s a bit of a mouthful so let’s still stick with Pohutukawa.


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Sunset on Tahunanui Beach

Yesterday I took a whole bunch of sunrise photos on Tahunanui Beach so today I’m balancing it out with a whole beach of sunset photos on Tahunanui Beach. I probably need to move on to taking pictures of something other than beaches and the sun but meh, I’ll stick to the beach for now thanks. Walking along the beach brings back heaps of memories for me growing up as a kid, especially at the back beach area where I used to walk our family dog. There are less sand dunes now due to erosion (Tahunanui means “big sand dunes” in the Maori language if you were wondering) but it’s still an amazing spot, especially as the sun goes down at night.


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Sunrise on Tahunanui Beach

It feels good to be home. I’m back in New Zealand for the holiday season and I love nothing better than to stroll around aimlessly on Tahunanui Beach in Nelson, basking in the sunshine and taking a few photos when my camera is on hand. I took a few shots of the sunrise this morning and they came out quite nicely, it took some effort to get out of bed at 5.30am but you’d be amazed what you can get done in a day if you do!


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