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Rocco the Antigravity Cat

This is my first cat related post so I hope it’s good, I know how important they are to a properly functioning Internet. I’ve been looking after my friend’s cat Rocco for a few days and couldn’t help taking a few photos of the little fella. He was apprehensive at first and constantly up to mischief but I think we’re friends now.


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A Gollum Selfie

If you’ve been through Wellington Airport recently you may have noticed some fun additions! As a New Zealander, I sometimes cringe at our obsession with the Lord of the Rings but this is great! Anything that makes the airport experience more palatable is ok in my book!


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Hanging Out with Family in Sydney

Before I left Sydney I caught up with my sisters and cousins for a fun afternoon of lawn bowls! I admit that lawn bowls doesn’t sound very exciting but with some sun and a few drinks it’s actually pretty darned awesome! 🙂 Haha we weren’t exactly keeping score but from the looks of this photo there may have been a winner!


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A Golden Sunrise at the Sydney Opera House

You can’t take a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge without taking one of the Sydney Opera House right! Especially when they’re so close! While I liked how the Harbour Bridge looked at night I preferred how the Opera House looked during a golden sunrise the next morning, and yes I did go back to my hotel in between shots. 🙂


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Returning to the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I took a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge about a year and a half ago so coming back and taking another now offers me a good chance to see how I’ve progressed as a photographer in that time. When you make incremental improvements it’s sometimes hard to notice the change but it is happening!


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The Blue Mountains of Australia

I didn’t really know much about the Blue Mountains when I planned my trip so I was pleasantly surprised by what I encountered. Katoomba was fun but I think I enjoyed Blackheath even more, it was a really friendly town with excellent hiking nearby. I loved the waterfalls, mountains, valleys and beautiful landscapes of the Blue Mountains and would absolutely come back to check out the places I missed this time around. It’s just a few hours outside Sydney so there’s no reason not to! FYI “Ruined Castle” is not a real castle and certainly not an abandoned Disney-esque castle that you will have hours exploring with your camera (you need to know these things). Here are some of my favourite photos.

The view from Sunset Rock, Mt Victoria.Not Wentworth Falls but nearby.Just a lovely countryside.The Grotto.A gentle bend.Twilight.Rushing water.Sunset in the Aussie countryside.Nice little water feature.A steep descent.Glowing lake.Late sun.Hidden waterfall.Ferns in the valley.The Three Sisters.The end of the canyon.Forest glow.The fog.Valley sun.Wentworth ledge.The path.Epic cliffs.Sunset hills.Ruined Castle.Wentworth Falls.Sunset colours.Falling water.Under the waterfall.Late sun colours.River rocks while rivers rock.Sylvia Falls.In the jungle.

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The Foggy Valley

I must have timed my trip to the Blue Mountains to perfection as thick fog rolled in on the day I left. I had time in the morning to go for a casual stroll but there wasn’t much to see, I felt sorry for the bus loads of tourists that couldn’t see 5 metres in front of them let alone the Three Sisters. The more I learn about photography however the more I think that there is no such thing as bad conditions, just unique opportunities! OK that might have been a little too positive but you get the idea. I really like how this shot of the foggy valley turned out, it’s got a certain horror movie quality to it which is a nice contrast to my usual sunsets, rainbows and unicorns.


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Exploring Katoomba

Today I moved on to Katoomba which is probably the most well known area of the Blue Mountains. You’ll find the famous Three Sisters rock formation here but after everything else I’ve seen I wasn’t that impressed. I found some much more interesting sights among the nearby trails, including these two mysterious spots.


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Sylvia Falls

Things really started to get good at the end of the National Pass trail as I climbed out of the valley past a a series of impressive waterfalls. It’s hard to remember their names but Sylvia Falls seems to have stuck in my brain, it must have had a little somethin’ somethin’ extra goin’ on in the kitchen (whatever that means).


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The National Pass at Wentworth Falls

It was a cloudy old day at Wentworth Falls but I enjoyed the National Pass hike with its unique trails carved into the cliff. The falls were great in person but I never got the angle I was looking for in terms of photography. I did like this shot of the trail overlooking the valley though.


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Porters Pass

Another hiking trail I enjoyed in Blackheath was Porters Pass. I was there in the late afternoon and it was nice watching the sun slowly drop into the valley landscape (despite lugging around a giant tripod and camera at the same time…). I did a little experimenting with these ones in Lightroom which is always fun 🙂


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Stopping at the Rhododendron Gardens

One of the fun things about photography is going to places that you might not otherwise go to. If I didn’t have a camera I might have passed on the Campbell Rhododendron Gardens but because I do and it was a nice day I thought “hell yeah I’m going the Rhododendron Gardens!”. Turns out it was totally the wrong time of year, there weren’t many flowers but I could absolutely see the potential! Plus this lake was rather nice 🙂


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The Hidden Grotto in Centennial Glen

I was hiking in Centennial Glen near Blackheath when I stumbled upon “the Grotto”. Barely sign posted, it was hidden at the end of a narrow canyon that went in the opposite direction to the regular path. It was a great spot to explore and a good excuse to rest for half an hour.


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The Other Grand Canyon

I really have no idea but I’m guessing there’s a lot of “Grand Canyons” out there. Today I visited my second, this time in the Blue Mountains of Australia. It’s probably not a popular opinion but I think I enjoyed this one more than the US version, partly due to the curse of expectations but in my opinion it was just more beautiful. I appreciated the more well known Grand Canyon for its sheer epic grandness-ness but I also found it a little lifeless and boring. This Grand Canyon, hidden away in the Australian Blue Mountains outside Sydney had no such problem! It was the long way back to Blackheath but I’d heard good things so knuckled down and gave it a whirl. It was a tough but enjoyable walk highlighted by hidden waterfalls, lush ferns, flowing rivers and slippery rocks (be careful!). It made great fodder for my camera and I was pleased I put in the extra effort, despite getting back to Blackheath later than expected (and hungry, so so hungry).


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Govetts Leap near Blackheath

I did a long (but spectacular) walk today from Blackheath that went past Govetts Leap, which I’m pretty sure is the location you can see in the photo, if not, then it’s definitely somewhere nearby. I’m also pretty sure that “leap” is a scottish word meaning waterfall, again, I’m probably wrong.


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Sunset Rock at Mt Victoria

Hop on the train for a few hours from Sydney and you’ll get to the Blue Mountains, a sneaky good spot that’s cursed with an abundance of beautiful landscapes. After checking in at my accommodation at Mt Victoria I asked the helpful lady at the counter if she knew any nice places to watch the sun go down, well she said, there’s a trail about 20mins walk away that leads to a lookout called ‘Sunset Rock’. Bingo! I didn’t need to hear anything else, and the view didn’t disappoint!


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