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Hail in Brunswick

I’ve been living in Melbourne off and on for the last few years and today I moved from my occasional home in Brunswick to my new occasional home in Southbank. I really enjoyed Brunswick but I’m looking forward to being a bit closer to the heart of the city from now on, we’ll see how it goes anyway. So as I’m about ready to make the big move the weather caves in there’s a huge hail storm! It was quite something so I unpacked my camera and took this quick shot, I guess Brunswick wasn’t very happy about the move!


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Sunset at the St Kilda Marina

I love reflections and I don’t really know why! I mean, I kinda do but I don’t specifically know what’s going on in the brain when we see them, they seem to have a certain magical quality that the brain really approves of. Anyway, they’re great for photography so I actively seek them out whenever I can, especially still water reflections in lagoons, ponds, lakes and marinas. Which brings me to this photo from the St Kilda Marina in Melbourne. It was a gorgeous evening and this scene really jumped out at me when I walked past. I closed the aperture all the way to f/22 to enhance the sun rays and really maximize the magic!


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The Eternal Flame

Shadows flickering in the eternal flame at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.


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A Funky Southbank Sculpture

If you’ve walked along the Yarra River in Southbank, Melbourne you may have come across this friendly face. 🙂


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Scorched Skies Above Port Melbourne

I love it when the sun goes beneath the horizon and the clouds catch fire like this, scorched skies make for great photos! One of those great nights when the sky changes every few minutes, giving you a whole range of different photos without the need to move around much. I was at the Kerferd Road Pier by the way, a nice spot to watch sunsets here in Melbourne.


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Ornamental Lake at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens

I was back at the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne today, strolling around with my camera. I’ve been there a number of times but I always seem to find a new path to explore. This shot is of the Ornamental Lake, which looks twice as good if you can get a nice reflection.


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Worlds Apart – St Kilda after the Rain

The other day I posted a photo of some kind of cloud monster that formed as the weather broke up after a nasty storm in Melbourne. Well this is what was happening in the other direction as the sun broke through the clouds, it looked particularly cool in front of this interesting globe sculpture I stumbled upon in St Kilda.


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The Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance at Night

I took some interesting photos at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance in Kings Domain the other night. This was a 30 second exposure at f/5 and ISO 100 if you’re interested in those kind of geeky details!


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A Melbourne Cloud Monster

The weather in Melbourne can change pretty quickly, I think that’s a common saying in a lot of cities but it’s really true here! I find that some of the best landscape photo opportunities occur during these weather changes so when a funky storm was breaking up the other day I went on a bit of adventure with my camera to see if I could take advantage of it. While I was admiring the sun breaking through the clouds in one direction I had the distinct feeling that I was being watched, I turned around to see a seriously weird cloud formation that looked like some kind of cloud monster! Cool! 🙂


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Sunset at the St Kilda Pier

The St Kilda Pier is a popular place to watch the sunset in Melbourne and I can see why, I must remember to come out here more often!


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The MCG at Night

Melbourne is sports crazy, like seriously sports crazy! You can see half a dozen stadiums, parks and arenas in this shot alone, including the mighty MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). You can also see where they hold the Australian Tennis Open, one of my favourite events here in Melbourne!


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The Cafe Wall Illusion in Docklands

I went for a walk around Docklands here in Melbourne the other night, it’s a bit of a ghost town but there’s some interesting architectural stuff down there. Hard to miss the Customs Services building with its giant cafe wall illusion, which I just learned is located at 1010 La Trobe St, binary cool! 🙂


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Lights Over the Yarra River

Melbourne is a great city for taking photos at night! Especially along the Yarra River where you can get some really nice reflections of the skyline. This spot in Southbank is one of my favourites.


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The Brunswick St Tram

Trams are an important part of Melbourne’s identity and you’ll often see them making their way through various neighbourhoods. I spotted this was one cruising down Brunswick St in Fitzroy. I took a number of frames but I liked this one the most, it had some movement, but not too much movement, just the right amount of movement you might say. 🙂


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Under the Trees at Edinburgh Gardens

Edinburgh Gardens is a popular spot to hang out in the Fitzroy area of Melbourne, especially for hipsters! 🙂 While I’m not exactly a hipster myself, I do spend quite a bit of time down there and remembered to take my camera with me last time to get some nice shots from under the trees.


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Sunset from the Kerferd Road Pier

The walk between St Kilda and Port Melbourne is really beautiful, especially in the early evening when you can enjoy a nice sunset stroll along the beach. I stopped here at the Kerferd Road Pier which is about halfway along to take photos as the sun went down and this was one of my favourites.


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