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LOST in a Bamboo Forest

I love bamboo forests so was excited to find this spot in the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. I set up my tripod on the ground and took a shot with my wide angle lens that kind of reminds me of the opening scene of LOST. Anyone else remember that show? I used to love it, the writers kind of lost the plot (so to speak) down the stretch but it was always going to be tough to wrap up such a crazy storyline.


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The Dancing Flames

I was trying something a little different here, increasing the exposure speed to just 1/2000 of a second and trying to capture the flames as they danced in the night. I think it looks kinda cool, this is the eternal flame at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne by the way.


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Three Boats at St Kilda

I got up early and went out to St Kilda for some sweet sunrise action and my god it was cold! It doesn’t really get that cold here in Melbourne but the wind chill on this particular day was crazy town! I was pretty much frozen at this point but I managed to set up for a shot of these three little boats that were practically demanding to be photographed!


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The View from My New Apartment

This is the view from my new apartment in Southbank, Melbourne. It’s mostly a giant Crown building but hey, always good to be living right next to a casino right?…


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To Infinity and Beyond at the Melbourne Arts Centre

There’s just something about this photo of the Melbourne Arts Centre that makes me want to shout “to infinity and beyond!” like I’m Buzz Lightyear or something. Maybe it’s the spire thing that looks a bit like a space rocket, or maybe it’s because I’m a bit weird….ok it’s definitely that.


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Sunrise in the Heart of Melbourne

I took this shot from the bridge that goes over the Yarra River on St Kilda Road early one morning as the sun came up. If I had to recommend just one place in Melbourne to take photos then it would probably be around here in the centre of the city near Federation Square. Sure it’s a bit touristy but you can find a wide variety of interesting shots within just a short walk. Obviously there’s much more to see but I’m sure busy people with just a few hours up their sleeve will appreciate my half-arsed and completely obvious suggestion. 🙂


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Late Night Reflections in Melbourne

You can get some wonderful late night photos in Melbourne along the Yarra River, this is in front of the rowing club looking towards Federation Square. There was a dark, moody feel to the scene so I used a slightly underexposed shot and heavily vignetted the corners to help accentuate that while processing in Lightroom.


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Taking the Boat for a Spin

The sky was really beautiful on this night in Melbourne but I was lacking an interesting subject…..enter this guy and his boat. I helped him untie the rope attached to the pier and off he went, round and round in circles, right in front of that beautiful sky. I love Truman Show type moments like this! 🙂


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The Walker Fountain in Kings Domain

The Walker Fountain in Kings Domain, Melbourne looks great at night and I especially like the smooth, almost ghostly appearance of the water if you do a long exposure. This one was 25 seconds in length, long enough to create a nice water effect but too long to keep the energetic jogging gang sharp, that took a much shorter exposure which I merged through later.


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St Kilda Lighthouse

There’s something mysterious about lighthouses that I love! The St Kilda lighthouse in Melbourne is pretty easy to find but it was a little tricky to get this close. I had to carefully walk over some slippery rocks which is always intense when you’re holding an expensive camera! (especially after I destroyed my last camera by falling into the ocean! Haha this is not a joke). Thankfully all went to plan and I got a nice photo of the lighthouse for my troubles.


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Autumn at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens

Is it botanic or botanical? I can never figure it out! Anyway I’ve spent some time down at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens this autumn and it’s gorgeous! There’s just something about all those leaves on the ground, I’m not 100% sure what that something is but I like to think it helps this photo. I don’t think you could find a more inviting place to sit down and read a book anywhere in Melbourne!


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Flames Over the Yarra River

I mentioned the other day how much I love reflections so it might not surprise you to see them in this photo too! There’s a flame show every hour between 9pm and midnight along Southbank here in Melbourne and I’ve always wanted to involve them in some kind of composition. There were lots of inviting puddles around after some rain so it seemed like as good a time as any to give this shot a try. There were a lot of people coming past so it ended up being quite difficult! I took a number of different exposures and managed to merge them together to create something that worked. 🙂


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