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The Impossible Blue

I was absolutely mesmerized by this scene on the beach at Huahine. Fluffy white clouds floated across the impossibly blue sky as I slowly dozed off, drifting gently between worlds.


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A Very Inviting Pool

Here’s another photo from the Maitai Lapita Village. I’m not sure if you’ve guessed yet but it’s a swimming pool….and a rather inviting one at that! It was a bit early to be lounging around the pool so it was just me and my camera at this point. Personally I’m more of an ocean guy but I can certainly see the appeal here. 🙂


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Maitai Lapita Village Huahine

I’m staying at the Maitai Lapita Village here on Huahine and it’s gorgeous! It has its own lake with bungalows dotted around the outside, as well as lots of nice gardens and a little museum with some interesting cultural information.


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Sunset on the Island of Huahine

Huahine has a relaxed feel to it and it’s been nice casually strolling around on “island time”. There’s been quite a bit of cloud hovering above but it blows across the island quickly and never really settles in. At sunset these clouds are infused with colour and the whole scene can look quite surreal.


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Staying at the Hilton Moorea

I put quite a bit of research into the places I’m going to stay when I’m planning a trip and typically the most important factor is location. That’s the main reason I chose the Hilton Moorea and I’m glad I did! The staff are friendly and the views are spectacular! I should point out that I’m just a normal paying customer so I don’t have to be nice, if a hotel disappoints then I’ll definitely say so! Here’s a few of the photos I took while staying there, as you can see the overwater bungalows are gorgeous and the property looks amazing during sunrise and sunset.


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Climbing Mt Rotui, Moorea

I didn’t come to French Polynesia just to hang out on the beach! There are some amazing peaks here and climbing them was high on my list of things to do. Mt Rotui on the island of Moorea is only around 900 metres tall but it’s seriously rugged and a challenging climb. Walking along the ridge to the summit was a real thrill and the views are absolutely breathtaking. I made the mistake of leaving in the afternoon which made getting down tricky, the track can be hard to find and it becomes exponentially more difficult in the fading light. I eventually made it back down and boy did I sleep well that night! It’s a great experience and well worth it if you like a bit of adventure with your island holidays.


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Crossing the Moorea Lagoon

The lagoons here on Moorea are beautiful and they really come to life when the sun goes down and the all those amazing colours come out to play! I spotted a girl walking across the still water just after the sun had set and the scene had an almost magical feel to it, like she was walking on water.


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The View from Belvedere Lookout

If you visit the island of Moorea you should definitely make a trip to Belvedere Lookout. It gives you a good overview of the island and Mt Rotui (the mountain on the right of the photo) looks spectacular! There are also a number of walking trails that aren’t well sign posted but do lead to cool spots such as the one you can see right here in the photo.


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Pacific Nights

I’m super excited to explore the islands here in French Polynesia so a bit of darkness isn’t going to slow me down! In fact I think night time photography could be really interesting over here. I took this shot while going for a walk towards Cook’s Bay, cars were occasionally whizzing by so I thought it would be a good chance to capture some light trails. The palm trees looked great in the moonlight and I’m happy with how this one turned out! 🙂


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Sunrise in Tahiti

I’m spending the next few weeks in French Polynesia with my dad and it’s gonna be awesome! We arrived in Tahiti but only stayed there overnight before moving on to the nearby island of Moorea. I didn’t want to waste the chance to see some of Tahiti though so got up early in the morning to watch the sunrise and take a quick look around town.


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Timeless Reflections at Monaco, Nelson

I’m back home in Nelson, New Zealand for a few days and I’ve taken the opportunity to take some photos at Monaco, a lovely little boating area. I don’t normally go with black and white but I do like it every now and then and sometimes the situation just demands it! This seemed like one of those situations with the calm water giving the image a serene, timeless feel which is in direct contrast to my previous photo!


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Sunset Reflection from the Eureka Tower in Melbourne

I’ve been living near the Eureka Tower for a while now but hadn’t gone up to the observation deck until a few days ago. I was waiting for some epic weather and I think I found it on this night! After cruising up to the 88th floor I walked around the observation deck a few times, waiting for sunset while looking for interesting compositions.

With just a thin gap between the clouds and the horizon there was only going to be a small window of opportunity to capture the sun as it fell through the void. I can tell you that it was quite a spectacle when it did! Light suddenly flooded the city and I went to work getting as many shots as I could. It was interesting going through the sequence afterwards as the images suddenly explode to life for a brief moment. I spent most of my time looking through the windows at this spot as I thought the reflection off the gold plated windows was super cool.

As you might imagine with so many windows and reflections involved, there was a lot of stray light. It took some work cleaning things up but I think the final result is pretty cool and a nice reminder for me of that moment when the sun dropped beneath those dramatic clouds and Melbourne came to life.


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The Sun Worshipper

This scene really caught my eye as I was walking out of the botanic gardens in Melbourne. I like the way the path leads towards the sun and it has a certain Aztec sun worshipping feel to it, which is kind of a weird thing to say now that I think about it. 🙂


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Twilight at the St Kilda Pier

Here’s another shot from the St Kilda Pier. There was just enough light left on the horizon at this point of the evening to get some colour to go along with a few early stars.


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