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Hanging Out with Family in Sydney

Before I left Sydney I caught up with my sisters and cousins for a fun afternoon of lawn bowls! I admit that lawn bowls doesn’t sound very exciting but with some sun and a few drinks it’s actually pretty darned awesome! 🙂 Haha we weren’t exactly keeping score but from the looks of this photo there may have been a winner!


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A Golden Sunrise at the Sydney Opera House

You can’t take a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge without taking one of the Sydney Opera House right! Especially when they’re so close! While I liked how the Harbour Bridge looked at night I preferred how the Opera House looked during a golden sunrise the next morning, and yes I did go back to my hotel in between shots. 🙂


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Returning to the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I took a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge about a year and a half ago so coming back and taking another now offers me a good chance to see how I’ve progressed as a photographer in that time. When you make incremental improvements it’s sometimes hard to notice the change but it is happening!


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Looking at Things in Sydney

What a great trip to Sydney, it’s been fun catching up with the whanau and I’ve been inspired by their running shenanigans. Here’s a few photos of me looking at things in Sydney (minus me), we got out to the northern beaches, cruised the Manly shores, checked out the Sydney Harbour Bridge, performed Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture at the Opera House, chased birds and much more.


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My New Office in Sydney

This is my new office in Sydney, you’ve got to love what I’ve done with the place. Okay so it’s not my office but whoever’s it is, business is thriving.


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Parked Under the Giant Rock

Don’t forget kids, we’re parked under the giant rock.


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Chinese Gardens, in the Rain

A chance to contemplate life while taking a relaxing stroll through the Chinese Gardens in Sydney just isn’t the same when it’s pouring with rain, trust me, I have the emotional scars to prove it.


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Sydney Birds

Here are some pics of the birds that followed me around Sydney, including colourful lorikeets, cheeky kookaburras and annoyingly loud cockatoos.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge by Night

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is ridiculously good looking by day and even more ridiculously good looking by night. Did you know that on hot days the steel can expand and increase the height of the bridge by as much as 18 centimetres (that converts to roughly a gaggle rhombic inchoids for you Americans). In other news, it’s about time I invested in a tripod to make night photography easier.


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Sydney City 2 Surf Panorama

Took a detour through Sydney to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and watch him and my sisters run the Sydney City to Surf. My role was behind the camera, which was probably for the best. I heard that it’s the biggest running race in the world, which wouldn’t surprise me as it was packed!


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