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Mostly Good Times in Florianopolis

Other than bricking my camera I had a great time in Florianopolis, catching up with old friends and making a few new ones along the way. Florianopolis is a beautiful spot and it’s fun to just walk around aimlessly with a camera in hand. It was a long journey to Brazil (no thanks to Aero Mexico…) but I made the wedding on time (just) and had a blast, congrats to Haydin and Julia!


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How I Destroyed my Canon 5D Mark III

I was having a great time with friends down at the beach, relaxing in the sun and exploring some rocky outcrops when disaster struck. Being the curious cat that I am I tried to wade through swirling water to get to a great spot to take some photos, this was a bad idea. Naturally I stood on something nasty under the water and fell comically into the sea, along with my camera and whatever else was in my bag at the time. In retrospect I should have flushed the camera out with fresh water as soon as possible but it wasn’t really feasible at the time and my initial focus was in the sharp objects stuck in my foot. I recovered the photos but the camera was doomed, DOOMED! This photo was taken moments before what shall now be known as “the incident”.


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The Beaches of Florianopolis

The beaches of Florianopolis in Brazil are beautiful. It’s worth getting up a little early to watch the sun come up in the morning, although I’m pretty sure all the other people down there with me were still up from the night before, that’s cool too of course.


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