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Looking for a Camera in Rio de Janeiro

Before I could really enjoy my stay in Rio de Janeiro, I needed to find a camera to replace the one I “misplaced” in the Atlantic Ocean. This proved to be extremely difficult. It would have been fine if I was looking for a cheap point and shoot but I wanted a decent DSLR that would work with my lenses. The staff at my hostel were nice enough to locate a store for me, only when I got there (across town) it turned out to be a copy center! Great! Thanks guys, they don’t even sell cameras!! Haha kinda funny in an incredibly dissapointing way. I ended up buying a Canon Rebel from a shopping center on the outskirts of Rio which was a relief, even if the price wasn’t. This allowed me to venture forth in my exploration of Rio, checking out all the hotspots and even doing a tour of a local favela (not a slum, but close). It’s interesting that I need a camera with me to really enjoy places these days, I’m not sure it’s a worrying trend or just a reflection of my uber-enthusiasm for photography. I don’t love the photos I took here but hopefully they’ll improve as I get used to my replacement camera.


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A View of Rio from Sugarloaf Mountain

Taking a cable car to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain is pretty much a must-do while in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a bit of a tourist trap but well, what I am going to do about it? Take my money and let’s get this over and done with already! Haha that’s a little harsh, I enjoyed it up there and even waited for it to get dark so I could see the bright lights of Rio from above.


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Random Robot Battles in Santa Teresa

This one is tough to explain. Santa Teresa is a wonderful, artistic area of Rio de Janeiro and I had a great time staying there. Occasionally I came across things like random robot battles, and I feel all the better for it.


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Fun Street Art in Rio

One of my favourite things about Rio is the fun street art (graffiti?) you find all over the place (especially good near Santa Teresa). I walked past this wall and couldn’t resist getting my camera out and taking a snap. I wish more places were this bright and colourful, I mean, you can’t have drawings of skeleton faced women everywhere but it’s nice every now and then.


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People I Don’t Know at Escadaria Selarón

Escadaria Selarón is a funky set of stairs in Rio de Janeiro near the neighbourhoods of Lapa and Santa Teresa. They’re bright, colourful and very ornate, but they’re still just stairs so don’t expect too much. I don’t actually know the woman in this photo (although I wish I did!), there was always someone getting in the way of a clean shot so in the end I just gave up and ran with this one.


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