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Dubrovnik in 36 Hours

Looking back at my photos I’m kind of amazed I was only in Dubrovnik for 36 hours as I managed to squeeze in what felt like a weeks worth of sightseeing and activities. I loved walking the Old Town Walls, exploring Lapad, climbing the hills above Dubrovnik and strolling along Gruz harbor. The weather really came to the party (in terms of photography anyway) with wild winds, dramatic clouds, heavy rain, intense lightning and glorious sunshine setting a memorable scene. While 3 days to a week is probably a better length of time to spend in Dubrovnik, especially if you want to check out islands such as Mljet, I’m more than happy with my 36 hour adventure.


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Dubrovnik Lights

After the storm was kind enough to move on I managed to get the photo that I had originally set out to get before I was so rudely interrupted by lighting, heavy winds and rain. These are the lights of Dubrovnik looking out over Lapad, Gruz Harbor and nearby islands. It was pretty much night time and I was still on the hill so I packed up and finally headed back to my hotel for some rest, what a day!


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A Storm Over Dubrovnik

With only one full day to explore Dubrovnik I’d planned to take the cable car to the top of the hill and take some night shots of the region from above, only there was a storm setting in and they’d closed the cable car due to high winds. I could have made my way disappointingly back to my hotel in Lapad but instead I thought screw it, if I can’t take the cable car then up just gonna walk up! The fact that a ominous looking storm was rolling in directly towards me was slightly disconcerting but also very exciting. I eventually found the track and made my way up the hill, stopping for photos every few minutes as the storm took shape. Sitting at the top while watching lightning bolts and a thick band of rain dominate the landscape was a real thrill, I got pretty wet but I don’t regret it for a second, just an awesome experience.


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Lightning Over the Old Town

It’s not often I manage to capture lightning so I was pretty excited when I took this picture of a lightning bolt over the Old Town of Dubrovnik. It was a pretty intense storm so there were lots of great photo opportunities and a few nervous moments as the storm rolled in towards me…


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Wild Waves and Stormy Skies in Dubrovnik

Wild waves and and stormy skies were a theme throughout today as dramatic clouds rolled in to Dubrovnik above the angry seas (I should write poetry). How did I get so close without getting wet? I didn’t, I got completely soaked, head to toe, camera included. Great fun though, I love how photography gives me an incentive to do (stupid) things that I might not otherwise do.


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The Old Town Walls of Dubrovnik

I enjoyed the Old Town Walls of Dubrovnik so much that I walked around them three times! The weather was a little wild so the first lap was cloudy, the second stormy and the third sunny. Being a popular tourist destination it was quite crowded but nothing that I hadn’t seen before while traveling around Europe.


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Inside St Saviour Church

One of the first things I saw when I entered the Old Town of Dubrovnik was the Church of St Saviour, it’s around 500 years old and a beautiful space to enjoy. I don’t remember seeing any signs while inside but I couldn’t help but take a quick picture to preserve the memory.


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Night Clouds Over Lapad

After arriving in Dubrovnik to start my whirlwind trip through Croatia I grabbed my camera and went for a walk, with only a day and a half to work with there was no time to waste. I ventured into the hills above Lapad and found some great spots to capture the fast moving night clouds (and a little lightning) as they flew over Lapad and Gruz harbor.


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