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Plitvice Lakes National Park

I must admit that I’ve kind of fallen in love with the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. Ever since I first read about it and saw pictures of the cascading waterfalls I knew I was going to go there sooner rather than later. As the bus from Split gained elevation through the snowy mountains it became apparent that it would be different from the photos I had seen of the park taken in summer. Instead of a summery glow, the park was blanketed in a wintery white that while different, looked just as impressive. Another bonus of going so late in the year (I was literally the last guest in my hotel) was that I almost had the park to myself. It can get quite crowded in the summer months so it was nice to explore the lakes in such quiet surroundings. I took a 4WD to the upper lakes, did a few short hikes, ferried to the lower lakes, checked out Veliki Slap (the Big Waterfall), explored some caves, took a million photos and repeated something similar the next day before I left for Zagreb. It rained at times but to tell you the truth I barely noticed, the park lived up to my expectations and I’d be tempted to go back again some day.


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The Waterfalls of Plitvice

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is a natural wonder full of gorgeous lakes and waterfalls. The weather was a little varied while I was there but I managed to get some nice shots of the waterfalls that appear frequently along the hiking trails around the lakes.


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Veliki Slap – The Big Waterfall at Night

I was pushing the limits when it came to closing time at the Plitvice Lakes National Park but I really wanted to get a photo of Veliki Slap (the Big Waterfall) at night. I’m glad I waited because the waterfall looked incredible as the light faded with the falling water having the appearance of sugar as it cascaded down the rock face. Veliki Slap is the biggest waterfall in Croatia, but you already knew that didn’t you smarty pants.


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