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One Night in Split

With only one night in Split there wasn’t much time for rest and relaxation, it was all about seeing as much as I could in the limited time I had. That doesn’t sound like a recipe for a good time but it went surprisingly well and I was lucky enough to be there on a beautiful night highlighted by an incredible sunset and dramatic full moon. I could have spent more time exploring the palace ruins but it had been a long day that included a bus ride from Dubrovnik so I was happy to get some sleep and dream about my next destination, the Plitvice Lakes.


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Exploring Diocletian’s Palace

I had barely done any research on Split so exploring Diocletian’s Palace was more a stroke of good luck than good planning. It was getting late and I was hungry so I set out to find something to eat. While searching for a restaurant I found myself exploring the ruins of an old palace, Diocletian’s Palace to be exact. It was pretty cool but I tend not to appreciate things as much as I should when I’m hungry (I ended up finding a decent pizza place for dinner, in case you were wondering).


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Full Moon Over Split

This best things in life seem to happen be accident, and photography appears to be no different. After recovering from an incredible sunset on one side of the bay I walked closer to the centre of Split, stopping at the marina to take photos of the city at night. The shots looked quite nice but just as I was packing up I noticed a light forming above the hill. I eventually realized (suprisingly slowly) that it was the moon, a full moon! I quickly set up my tripod again and got this shot as the moon sat just above the hills, partially obscured by some hazy clouds. I’m happy with how it turned out and all thanks to a bit of dumb luck!


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The Boats of Split

Whether you’re sailing around Croatia, fishing from a dinghy, cruising to Hvar or showing off your latest super yacht, Split is all about water and boats. With so many on display I couldn’t help but take some photos of my favourites, so here they are, the boats of Split!


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A Sunset in Split

There are sunsets, then there are sunsets in Split, a charming seaside city nestled alongside the Adriatic Sea. I got here late in the day but with only one day to explore it I didn’t even bother checking into my hotel and dropping off my bags until after I’d had a look around. The sun was rapidly falling so I made my way down to the water’s edge and followed the remaining sunlight until it disappeared for good. I arrived at a nice park and walking area at the perfect moment, allowing me to take some great snaps of an almost too good to be true sunset.


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