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Loving Zagreb

After a crazy schedule traveling through Croatia I felt relieved just to make it to Zagreb, I’d explored some amazing places and taken a few nice pics so surely my work was done right? Wrong. Zagreb is too nice to dismiss like that so once again I set out to see what made it tick (first world problems right). There’s some beautiful parks, classic architecture and interesting sculptures to keep the camera busy and the city had a very welcoming feel to it. I was tempted to make my way out to the neighboring mountains for one final Croatian sunrise but then I realized my flight back to London was at 10am and I’d barely slept over the past week. Chalk up a point for sanity (possibly its first one on this trip). Loving Zagreb was easy and loving Croatia was even easier, good times.


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Zagreb Town Square

This is a photo of the Zagreb town square, taken from my hotel room late at night after most of the earlier hustle and bustle has died down. I’m staying at Hotel Dubrovnik, a pretty standard hotel with a slightly confusing name (it’s in Zagreb, not Dubrovnik). The best thing about it is definitely the location, close to tram stops and right in the heart of all the action. I don’t often write about hotels but the staff were nice here so a tip of the hat to them.


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Zagreb Graffiti

While walking from the bus stop to my hotel I came across some great spots in downtown Zagreb, including this interesting area of graffiti and posters alongside the tram tracks. The late sun skimming off the wet asphalt gives it a nice, gritty texture that’s good enough to eat, but perhaps not so healthy.


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