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The Beautiful City of Paris

Paris has a reputation of being a beautiful city, and guess what? It is! I really enjoyed my 5 days here and wish it could have been longer. As much as there is to see and do, it’s fun to just find a cafe somewhere and watch the world go by, if you can throw on a beret and carry around a baguette then you’re half way to becoming French. Some of the amazing things I was lucky enough to see were the Eiffel Tower (naturally), the Arc de Triomphe, the Paris catacombs, Notre Dame, the Palace of Versailles, Sainte-Chapelle, The French Tennis Open and other things I can’t think of right now. Here are some of my favourite Paris photos.

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Relaxing in Luxembourg Gardens

I’ve seen quite a bit of Paris now and I think my favourite spot is the Luxembourg Gardens, just a great spot to relax as the sun goes down. Here’s a photo of me sitting on a chair, although in my mind it’s more of a throne.


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Arc de Triomphe Spiral Staircase

From the top of the Arc de Triomphe spiral staircase you get a nice view of other visitors coming up the stairs.


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Jumping in Front of Famous Landmarks in Paris

You know what makes photos of famous landmarks better? Jumping in front of them! I took it to all new levels by jumping in front of pretty much everything here in Paris. Notre Dame, the Louvre, you name it, I jumped in front of it.


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Opening Day at the French Tennis Open

Turns out I’m in Paris for the start of the French Tennis Open, great timing! I went along to the clay courts of Roland Garros for opening day and it was good fun. There weren’t many big names on show, especially on the outer courts, but it was a great day to be soaking up the sun at the tennis.


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The Eiffel Tower Light Show, Inverted

There’s approximately 527 billion photos of the Eiffel Tower out there so I wanted to try and capture it in my own original way, which is harder than you might imagine. After climbing up to the second level and enjoying the view I came back down to watch the light show. I took a pic and inverted the light to make it look like a photo negative and it came out with the appearance of a well drawn sketch. Mission accomplished. Note that I also took a whole bunch of standard looking photos, the Eiffel Tower really is a beautiful structure, especially at night.


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Stained Glass Windows at Sainte-Chapelle

Time to enjoy the beautiful stained glass windows at Sainte-Chapelle. As a connoisseur, 13th century stained glass has always been my favourite.


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Parisian Ladies in Red

Hello what do we have here? Have I stepped into a movie scene featuring Parisian ladies in red? On closer inspection there appears to be a bride, I’m a little disappointed I wasn’t invited to the wedding to tell you the truth. If ever a situation called for isolating a single colour it was this one, those red dresses look great.


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A Street in Paris

Even the streets in Paris seem more impressive than in other places. I don’t keep a list but this is probably one of the top 10 streets I’ve ever seen, maybe even top 5.


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Descending into the Paris Catacombs

Descending into the Paris catacombs and exploring the famous underground labyrinth of tunnels was the first thing on my checklist today. I wasn’t expecting the hour long wait but it goes by pretty quick if you’ve got a book to read or something similar. After you’ve descended to the depths of Paris, it’s time to explore the eerie setting at your own pace. You can get stuck behind large groups of people that tend to move slowly but other than that it’s a fun experience. I wouldn’t call it scary but there’s enough skulls to keep you on your toes.


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Looking Around Versailles

I think what this trip around Europe will tell me most about myself is that I know very little about history, especially European history. Today I’m looking around Versailles, a royal chateau of epic proportions, the grounds are bigger than most countries, well, New Zealand at least. Versailles is also where they signed one of the peace treaties after World War 1, I definitely did not know that before I came here, wait, did I just learn something? Freaky.


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Bonjour From Paris!

I’ve always wanted to say bonjour from Paris and now I can, so yeah, bonjour from Paris everyone! I’ll be here for around 5 days of extensive language problems, hopefully I’ll take a few nice photos along the way. As you can see from the picture, I’m already getting in the swing of things.


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