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Ich bin in Berlin

Ich bin in Berlin, according to Google Translate that means “I’m in Berlin”. Now that we’ve cleared that up I can say that Berlin is a lot of fun (even if they are apparently a little sick of tourists), there were lots of interesting things to see, including the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Dome, Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island etc and it wasn’t hard to find a good spot for a drink later on. Obviously there’s also huge amounts of history here in Berlin and you can learn a lot at the various museums and memorials. Among more somber things, I learned that the mayor once described Berlin as “poor, but sexy”, brilliant.


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The Reichstag Dome

Thanks to some local knowledge from a friend I’d applied in advance to see the the Reichstag Dome while I was in Berlin. You get some beautiful views of the city on top of the Reichstag building so I made sure to book a time around sunset to maximize the awesomeness. I must have been up there for well over an hour in the end, walking up and down the spiral walkways and looking over the city. The dome is a really unique structure and looked even better as the sun went down, if you’re into photography it’s an absolute must see while you’re in Berlin.


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Train over the Spree River

A train makes its way over the Spree River in the early evening near Museum Island in Berlin.


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Ampelmännchen – Little Traffic Light Man

Communist East Germany may be a thing of the past but these little guys remain. Ampelmännchen (meaning little traffic light man) can be seen on traffic lights at pedestrian crossings in East Berlin (West Berlin has fairly standard looking crossing symbols). They survived the fall of the Berlin Wall and have achieved something of a cult status, popping up on t-shirts and other souvenirs, as well as seeing to their important crossing responsibilities of course.


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