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What I Really Did in Munich

What I really did in Munich was drink beer, lots and lots of beer. I drunk at beer gardens, beer houses, hostels, pubs and everywhere in between. Naturally I didn’t take my camera with me on such adventures but I did find a few pics of the Hofbrauhaus (I always write Hasselhoff for some reason) on my iPhone when I woke up a few days later. It’s a German beer house with huge drinking halls shaped like barrels, I’m pretty sure I had a good time.


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Downtown Surfing in Munich

Surf’s up dude! I had no idea about downtown surfing in Munich until I casually walked past and noticed a crowd gathered around the canal. Turns out surfing in the ocean is so last year, these days it’s all about surfing rivers, waterfalls and whatever else is extreme to the max. It looked like a lot of fun so I was kinda jealous, until they wiped out and were thrown down the river screaming…


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