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Positano on the Amalfi Coast

I took a bus along the Amalfi Coast to see what all the fuss was about and boy what a day! The bus ride alone was epic, snaking along those narrow coastal roads with each corner offering a unique opportunity for carnage. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip but I think I enjoyed Positano the most, there were beautiful views everywhere but this romantic town seemed to have a little something something extra.


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Chasing the Sorrento Sun

If there is one thing I will remember about Sorrento (other than limoncello)¬†it’s the sun, it was everywhere. That might sound stupid but it dominates my thoughts and can definitely be seen in my photos which feature a lot of sun rising and sun setting. I enjoyed my time chasing the Sorrento sun and it’s a great base to explore the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and Naples.


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Taming Mt Vesuvius

After Pompeii put my 14 year old brain to sleep I decided to get to the source of the problem, Mt Vesuvius. Back in 79 AD this bad boy erupted, wiping out the cities of ¬†Herculaneum (not really living up to the name…) and Pompeii, killing around 16000 people in the process. Taming Mt Vesuvius wasn’t going to be easy so I cheated and took a giant 4×4 two thirds of the way to the top, this isn’t the only way to do it but it was by far the most convenient at the time. There were some interesting rock formations and the view from the top was amazing. It was another scorching day but not half as scorching as that infamous day back in 79 AD. Mount Vesuvius isn’t done quite yet though, it’s the most active volcano on the European mainland and a genuine danger to the 3 million people living nearby. If you want to impress your friends I suggest mentioning that Vesuvius is a stratovolcano, they’ll love you for it.


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Pompeii, or What’s Left of it

Exploring the ruins of Pompeii seemed like something I couldn’t miss, in retrospect I probably could have. It’s an interesting place and I enjoyed learning about the history behind the eruption of Mt Vesuvius but I probably saw enough ruins in Rome to keep me going for the next few years. I wanted to love it but most of the time I felt I was back in school on a geography field trip, waiting for the teacher to turn away so I could go buy an ice cream and lie in the sun. I’m sorry Pompeii, I just wasn’t feeling it today.


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Pizza in Naples!

Pretty much nobody wants to see photos of food other people ate on their holiday but this was a pizza in Naples, where it was born damn it! Get over your food envy already!


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