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My Relationship with Venice

From the moment I arrived in Venice I knew it was going to be a love/hate relationship. It took me hours to find my hotel and yet there was a part of me that enjoyed the amazing race type feeling as we darted in and out of alley ways, gambling on short cuts and retracing our steps at dead ends. I can’t remember the name of the “hotel” but it was pretty bad. The guy at reception was terrible but I think the worst thing was the measly fan that only worked while the light was on. It was horrendously humid so we pretty much had to rewire the room to survive at night (and by rewire I mean break), and don’t get me started on the mosquitoes, just don’t go there (I probably won’t blame the hotel for the mosquitoes but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was somehow part of their evil plan). The hotel experience got things off to a bad start but Venice is definitely a unique place with lots of interesting things to see. Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge are worth a look, there’s some nice museums around and it’s fun to just explore the cities maze of bridges, canals and alley ways. Much like a real relationship, there were ups and downs but it was worth it in the end….just.

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Gondolas in Venice

I’ve already talked quite a bit about gondolas in Venice but I like this photo, so I have to write something about it. What’s that? I don’t? Great! Let’s move on then.


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A Romantic Dining Spot

Venice has a reputation as a romantic destination for couples, I understand why but I get the feeling it’s a little overrated in that respect. Personally I don’t find humidity, pungent smells, big crowds and mosquitoes romantic. Whether that’s fair or not, I did come across some nice dining spots that managed to melt even my icy heart. This restaurant looks especially nice with the red flowers lining the canal.


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A Gondola Traffic Jam

The waters of Venice are ruled by gondolas, traditional Venetian rowing boats that ferry tourists through the canals. The water in Venice is quite deep so they’re slightly different from punts, using oars instead of poles to be propelled forward. A gondola traffic jam like this one is a pretty common sight, maybe they should think about installing traffic lights?


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St Mark’s Basilica and Campanile

Wow I actually found something in Venice! Good for me. Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square) is home to St Mark’s Basilica and the Campanile that towers over it. It’s a nice spot to check out but like most of Venice it’s pretty touristy.


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A Dreamy Venetian Bridge

Making your way over the canals is an essential task if you want to get anywhere in Venice so bridges are everywhere. If you look hard enough maybe you’ll find this one, a dreamy Venetian bridge like no other.


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A Hidden Alley in Venice

It’s easy to get lost in Venice, I probably spent an hour trying to find my hotel and that’s with the help of Google Maps. Over a bridge, under an awning, through a tunnel and down a hidden alley, that’s where you’ll find me for the next three days.


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