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A Lake in the Hills above Kobe

I like getting some perspective when I arrive in a new city so I walked up into the hills above Kobe soon after arriving in an effort to do so. There’s a whole bunch of walking tracks up there and they’re pretty good too. Some lead to lookouts, others to waterfalls, while this one took me to a mysterious lake that looked gorgeous in the early evening.


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A Fish out of Water in Kobe

I bet a lot of people visit Kyoto and Osaka without realizing how close Kobe is. You can get there in as little as 30 minutes from those two cities so why not check it out, it’s definitely worth a day or two if you’ve got the time. I stumbled upon this randomly awesome fish sculpture while I was walking around the port area and it made my day, it’s probably the best fish sculpture I’ve ever seen. There was also a group of kids doing BMX tricks nearby, Kobe baby!


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