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In Search of a Kyoto Sunset

In search of a nice  sunset in Kyoto I found a trail that took me high above the tree line with a great view of the setting sun. It peeked out from under the clouds right at the last moment and made all the effort of getting up there worthwhile. The only problem was getting back down, the forest trail was pretty dark and even led me through a spooky cemetery at one point!


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Fushimi Inari Shrine

Wow, I can’t believe how awesome this place is! It’s my third visit to Kyoto and somehow the first time I’ve made it to the famous Shinto shrine, Fushimi Inari. Inari is the Shinto god of rice, and yeah, he’s kind of a big deal. There are some wonderful buildings at the base of the mountain and behind them you’ll find a series of paths leading up Mt Inari through spectacular tunnels of torii gates. There’s literally thousands of these gates and they’re amazing! There was something interesting hidden around every corner and I could have spent days exploring all the little side paths. Highly recommended if you like a bit of hiking and exploration with your shrines!


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Exploring the Bamboo Groves of Arashiyama, Kyoto

I love walking through the bamboo forests in Arashiyama, Kyoto, they’re so moody and mysterious! It’s a playground for photographers and if you come early in the morning you pretty much get the whole place to yourself (it can be a little busy in the middle of the day). As you might imagine I went a little crazy here, walking back and forth along the path trying to decide which spot I liked best. In the end I couldn’t really decide but the area below is definitely one of my favourites.


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Kiyomizu-dera – A Temple in the Trees

However good you think your tree house is, this is better, so so much better. Kiyomizu-dera is an amazing temple in Kyoto which sits among the trees and offers some amazing photo opportunities! I’d love to come back and see it in different seasons, I hear it’s open at night during certain times of the year too.


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Kinkakuji Minus the Gold

I was at Ginkakuji yesterday so it’s only natural that I went to Kinkakuji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion) today for another dose of zen. It’s a beautiful golden temple but for some reason I ended up with a black and white shot! I have no idea what I was thinking with regards to the processing but I do like the inky, traditional feel to it.

While we’re here would you like to know something embarassing? Of course you would! I made the mistake of getting on a bus to Ginkakuji when I was supposed to be going to Kinkakuji, the names are similar but it’s still pretty bad, only here’s the real kicker, I did the exact same thing last time I was in Kyoto!! SERENITY NOW!!! 🙂


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A Moment of Zen at Ginkakuji

After all the crazy festival shenanigans of the Gion Matsuri it’s been nice to chill out a bit. I don’t really like big crowds so I was more in my element strolling around the winding paths at Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion), serenity now.


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Gion Matsuri Geisha

The Gion Matsuri is in full swing here in Kyoto and I managed to get a nice shot the other day of a Japanese woman dressed as a geisha, at least I think that’s what she’s dressed as, I am frequently wrong with this kind of thing! 🙂 Anyway how amazing is her hair! Just incredible.


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Yamaboko Junko Parade in Kyoto

My first stop in Japan over the next month is Kyoto! Such a fun place to visit and it’s in full on festival mode right now with the Gion Matsuri. I watched the Yamaboko Junko parade yesterday and it was a great chance to get some festival type shots of performances, people in traditional dress and just everyone having a great time! It blows my mind how they squeeze those giant floats down the narrow side streets, crazy!


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