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Endless Skyscrapers in Osaka

Osaka is such a great city for night photography! There are lots of futuristic buildings and interesting cityscapes to enjoy, especially from above. This shot of skyscrapers surging into the night sky was from the Umeda Sky Building, which has some great 360 degree views, plus they allow tripods! The exposure was five seconds long and there’s no way I could hold the camera steady for that long without a tripod, I can’t even hold it steady for one second!


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The Crystal Tower in Osaka Business Park

I went for a casual stroll around the Osaka Business Park one evening and came to the conclusion that they’ve made very liberal use of the word ‘park’. Sure there are some trees sprinkled about but it feels very much like your typical business district, maybe it makes workers feel better about going to work, knowing they work in a ‘park’. Just an observation anyway, I did find some cool stuff down there, including the monolithic Crystal Tower. I would normally flip the camera to get the whole building in shot but I really like the imposing look it had in landscape.


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A Storm of Colour over Osaka

When I book hotels in cities these days I try to remember to ask for a high room with a nice view, hotels can be great for epic cityscapes! It doesn’t always work out but sometimes they really make an effort, especially if you’re polite about it. They helped me out when I stayed at the Hotel Monterey Grasmere in Osaka and I got some great views of the city. The sky was amazing that evening so I was twice as thankful for having the sweet view!


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Tenjin Matsuri Fireworks in Osaka

I was excited for the Tenjin Matsuri fireworks display in Osaka and it definitely delivered! The only problem was deciding where to watch, you must have to get there super early to lock in a good viewing spot. I didn’t really know where the fireworks would specifically go off along the river so I kept walking until I found a bridge that would at least give me a nice reflection on the water.

We were crammed in like sardines on that bridge but I slowly snaked my way to the front as people came and went, you’ve really got to be right there at the front if you want a decent view. I ended up taking hundreds of photos at all kinds of different settings, there’s not much time to review things as you go so I tend to take a whole bunch at different exposure lengths in such a situation and hope that a few of them turn out ok. I went with this one in the end and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, it makes me laugh looking at the photo when I know how crazy it was directly behind me at the time, I wish I’d turned around and taken a photo of that epic scene too!


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