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Exploring the Tokyo International Forum

I don’t know much about architecture but I do know that the Tokyo International Forum in Chiyoda is totes awesome! Haha that’s right even a layman like me can enjoy the awesomeness, especially with a camera! You could probably spend hours here going from floor to floor finding interesting compositions, it’s free to look around too so what are you waiting for!


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Tokyo Bay at Night from Odaiba

I spent the evening in Odaiba, taking photos while walking along the waterfront. It’s nice out here and there are lots of opportunities for photography (including giant robots). You can see the Rainbow Bridge in the background of this photo as well as some light trails from boats moving across the bay. This was a 20 second exposure which explains the light trails and cloud movement. I also used my 14mm wide angle lens to fit in as much Tokyo Bay magic as possible! 🙂


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Gundam in Odaiba

I’m not a big anime/manga guy but I do give it a chance every now and then. I typically find the stories a bit cheesy but occasionally I come across something like Akira, Ghost in the Shell or more recently Attack on Titan and my mind is blown! I’ve never spent any time on the Gundam series but it’s got giant robots which is a good start!

As for this guy, I came across him at Odaiba in Tokyo. It’s pretty awesome, whether you’re a fan of this kind of thing or not!


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On the Yamanote Line

I’m on the Yamanote Line which can mean only one thing, I’m back in Tokyo! I’m not sure anything makes me feel quite so natsukashii about my years living in Japan as these trains. It’s amazing to think how much time you spend on them when you’re over here, the key is to always have a good book or game with you in order to fill in the time! As a last resort you can always enjoy the typically hilarious ads on the walls, they’re so wonderfully Japanese!


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Tokyo in 24 Hours

I had a day to spare before I flew out of Japan so I took the opportunity to get out and about in Tokyo with my camera. With 24 hours up my sleeve I challenged myself to take 24 photos that I liked. Thanks to the reliable transport system in Tokyo I managed to cover quite a bit of ground. Starting in Ueno I set out to explore Tokyo in 24 hours, this is what I found.

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Giant Robotic Spider in Yokohama

I still haven’t quite worked out what was going on here, something to do with an anniversary celebration in Yokohama, so naturally there were giant robotic spiders involved. I took the pic with my phone which hopefully explains the horrendous quality. On a side note I’m thinking about driving one of those things to work.


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Shibuya Crossing Dreams

This wasn’t a dream but it sure felt like it (most of my dreams involve pedestrian crossings). Shibuya crossing in downtown Tokyo is a sight to behold on a busy evening, for a laugh try walking in a straight line from one side to the other.


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Tokyo Lights or Colossal Starfish?

I went up the Tokyo Tower near Roppongi to view Tokyo by night and spotted something a little strange, an intersection that kinda looks like a colossal starfish!


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New Years Celebrations at Meiji Shrine

I moved on to Meiji Jingu (Shrine) after Sensoji Temple to maximize my New Years day awesomeness. The shrine was packed to the rafters and looking good for this pic. What’s the difference between a temple and a shrine you ask? In a nut shell Buddhism is practiced at temples and Shinto at shrines. You’re welcome.


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Festival Fun at Sensoji Temple

Happy New Year! I went to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo to enjoy some New Years celebrations. As you can see from the photos there were ladders involved, this can only be a good thing.

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Docomo Building from Shinjuku Gyoen

Looking up at the Docomo building from Shinjuku Gyoen on a crisp winters morning in Tokyo.


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Ginza at Dusk

They open up the streets for shoppers to go crazy in Ginza on Sundays here in Tokyo, also creates a nice opportunity to take pics.


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Looking for a Computer in Akihabara

My computer is dying a slow, painful death and I’ve been putting off an upgrade forever. Akihabara is full of electronics stuff (and otaku) but I can never find what I’m after. Maybe it’s the surprisingly expensive prices, maybe it’s because I can’t talk to anyone, maybe it’s because I don’t want a computer with an operating system in another language, or maybe I should just shut my face, buy that Panasonic KZYF45JLS model 53-HJCR and be done with it.


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Arriving in Japan!

After doing 25 years of hard time in New Zealand (kidding!) I decided to move to Japan to experience something different. Was it an easy decision? Not at all. Am I looking forward to the challenge? Absolutely. I’ll be teaching English on the JET programme….here’s a random building in Shibuya! 🙂


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