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The Bend at Tahunanui Beach

I took this photo during a walk around Tahunanui Beach here in Nelson, New Zealand. I couldn’t fit the nice little tidal bend into one shot so ended up stitching 5 photos together to make a panorama, something that I’ve been doing more of lately using Photoshop. I export the individual shots through Lightroom and hey presto we’ve got a panorama! My computer churns through the process quite slowly and I might have to do a little adjusting when the algorithm doesn’t get it quite right but all things considered it’s surprisingly easy!

The Bend at Tahunanui Beach

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A Pohutukawa Tree on Christmas Day

Happy holidays everyone! I went for a walk on Christmas day near the beach in Nelson, New Zealand and found this Pohutukawa. We also call it the New Zealand Christmas tree over here because of the beautiful crimson flowers you see at this time of year.

A Pohutukawa Tree on Christmas Day

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Timeless Reflections at Monaco, Nelson

I’m back home in Nelson, New Zealand for a few days and I’ve taken the opportunity to take some photos at Monaco, a lovely little boating area. I don’t normally go with black and white but I do like it every now and then and sometimes the situation just demands it! This seemed like one of those situations with the calm water giving the image a serene, timeless feel which is in direct contrast to my previous photo!


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Starry Nights at Tahuna Domain

On my way back from an evening of storm chasing I thought I’d practice taking photos of the stars down at the Tahuna Domain. It’s something I really want to get good at and while I’ve got a long way to go, this photo of a starry night in Nelson came out reasonably well.


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The Invisible Car

I liked the look of this Phoenix palm tree near the Modeller’s Pond in Tahunanui so set up a long exposure shot on the ground (I’m waiting on a new tripod to arrive). Just as things were humming along a car came out of nowhere and ruined the shot, or did it? Turns out the invisible car did me a favour, this would have probably been a fairly ordinary photo but now I love it! Thanks invisible car!


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Storm Chasing in Nelson

On the news tonight they said a storm would hit the Nelson Lakes region (and presumably not Nelson). As the evening went on clouds started to gather, forming an intimidating squall overhead that seemed to be alive, changing colour and shape as it pleased, I guess the storm was coming our way after all! It was at this point that I grabbed my camera (despite a low battery and a nearly full memory card) and raced down to the beach to get a better view. And what a view! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a spectacular storm,  just incredible. I was desperate to get some of the lightning in shot and while I never got the “perfect shot”, I did get a nice one looking out over the water as a lightning bolt came crashing down. There was potential for a one in a million shot tonight with the presence of lightning, crazy clouds, an incredible sunset and even a rainbow, I didn’t get it but I’m pretty happy with some of my one in a hundred type shots. I ran out of battery but quickly went home, recharged, and went back for more storm chasing, I’d missed most of the fun stuff by then but there was still time to get a few shots as the storm rolled out of town. Just a really fun night, reminds me why I enjoy photography so much.


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Cycling to Monaco in Nelson

Being a nice sunny day, my dad and I thought it was perfect for cycling out to Monaco (the Nelson version that is, not the fancy pants one in Europe), a great spot for water sports where we used to take the family dinghy for a spin (those were the days!). The cycle paths in Nelson have improved since I was a kid so it’s fairly easy to make your way to Monaco from Tahunanui, Stoke or Richmond. We cruised around, relived the memories and took a few photos in the process, how pleasant.


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Rocks Road and the Cliffs

Rocks Road is an iconic part of Nelson where you get a great view of the Boulder Bank, Haulashore Island, Arrow Rock and Tahunanui Beach. To get more of a bird’s eye view you can go up above the cliffs as far as the Princes Drive lookout where a beautiful panoramic view awaits. It’s funny how I never appreciated how beautiful Nelson is until I got older, well not laugh out loud funny but you get the idea. It was another gorgeous evening and I’m happy with how these pics came out, especially the tree with Arrow Rock in the background, it doesn’t get much more “Nelson” than that.


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Haulashore Island from Princes Drive Lookout

Whenever I’m back in Nelson I like to jog up Bisley Ave to the Princes Drive Lookout. It’s a decent climb but the view from the top always makes it worth the effort. I dragged my camera up there today and took this photo of Haulashore Island and the Boulder Bank, the two were connected until 1903 when work began on The Cut, an entrance way which made sea transport easier for the region.


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A Few Wedding Pics

Wedding photography is harder than I thought so kudos to all those that do it for a living. I took a few snaps today and soon realized how slow I am at setting up my camera for photos in various lighting conditions etc. Thankfully a few came out nicely, congrats to Mark and April!!!


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Arriving in Mustangs

There’s arriving in style, then there’s arriving in STYLE! At a friend’s wedding today we chose the later. You don’t want to be late to a wedding so going in a Mustang sounds like a good idea to me, the venue was around 40km away so we had time to enjoy the ride as well as pose for a few photos afterwards, awesome.


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Sunset on Tahunanui Beach

Yesterday I took a whole bunch of sunrise photos on Tahunanui Beach so today I’m balancing it out with a whole beach of sunset photos on Tahunanui Beach. I probably need to move on to taking pictures of something other than beaches and the sun but meh, I’ll stick to the beach for now thanks. Walking along the beach brings back heaps of memories for me growing up as a kid, especially at the back beach area where I used to walk our family dog. There are less sand dunes now due to erosion (Tahunanui means “big sand dunes” in the Maori language if you were wondering) but it’s still an amazing spot, especially as the sun goes down at night.


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Sunrise on Tahunanui Beach

It feels good to be home. I’m back in New Zealand for the holiday season and I love nothing better than to stroll around aimlessly on Tahunanui Beach in Nelson, basking in the sunshine and taking a few photos when my camera is on hand. I took a few shots of the sunrise this morning and they came out quite nicely, it took some effort to get out of bed at 5.30am but you’d be amazed what you can get done in a day if you do!


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Hang Time on the Basketball Court

Today I managed to combine 2 of my favourite things, basketball and photography (gold star for me!). I went down to the Tahunanui Primary School basketball court (shout out to my old school!) and played a little ball as I like to do, only today I brought my camera with me so I could take a few snaps. Seeing as I have no friends I had to resort to the good old fashioned auto-timer, which is actually quite good on the Sony NEX as you can set it up to take 3 photos in rapid succession instead of just 1. That feature comes in handy when you’re trying to get the timing right, it took a few shots (pardon the pun) but I managed to make it work eventually. I walked away with some cool pics but this one was my favourite. So was it really hang time of just trick photography? I guess you’ll never know…


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A Lone Figure on Tahunanui Beach

I love aimlessly walking along Tahunanui Beach when I’m back in Nelson, especially when the tide is out and you can walk almost endlessly towards where the water would otherwise be. I took a few photos while I was down there today and this one stood out, a lone figure on Tahunanui Beach.


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A Sunset Landing in Nelson

My Dad’s house in Nelson is in Tahunanui, close enough to the airport to see planes flying in to the Nelson airport (probably one of the biggest in the world) but thankfully far away enough for it to be quiet. I snapped this plane coming in for a spectacular sunset landing tonight, no doubt the passengers were enjoying the view as much as I was.


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Evening Clouds Over Tahunanui

I’m back home in Nelson for a few days and playing around with my new camera. I took a few shots of the evening clouds over Tahunanui which came out quite nice, yay for me.


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