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New Camera! Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Today is a monumental day, after selling my right kidney to pay for it I am giddy with excitement to announce the arrival of my brand spanking new Canon EOS 5D Mark III! With a name like that it’s gotta be good right? Let’s hope so, I really liked that kidney. I went with the 5D Mark III for a number of reasons, for starters I’m finally taking this photography stuff seriously enough to justify the purchase of a fancy pants camera (well almost). I really wanted something that performed well in low light conditions, which the Mark III apparently does according to reviews. The closest rival was a similarly priced Nikon that had some awesome specs but almost too many megapixels for me and my aging computer to handle. Anyway, I can’t wait to play around with my new Canon, the amount of buttons and dials is pretty intimidating so it will probably take me a while to get comfortable with all the different functions. I’m off to New York next week so there should be no shortage of photo opportunities. Before I go I’d just like to say goodbye to my faithful Sony NEX-5, what a fantastic camera you were, and so light! This new thing is a tank in comparison!

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New Camera! Sony Nex-5 in the House!

After toiling away with my crappy Sony point and shoot for years I’ve finally upgraded! As limited as it was, it actually did a decent job, I’ve just come to the point where if I want to improve my photography I need a camera that’s going to give me that opportunity. After going over the pros and cons of various cameras for weeks I finally decided on the Sony Nex-5, I’m not exactly a Sony fanboy but that does happen to be two Sony cameras in a row. The reason I went for the Nex-5 was because it offered some advanced features and much better image quality while remaining small enough to travel with. Can’t wait to take it for a spin!

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First Post!

My first post, wow, I should probably write something deep and meaningful here but I can’t really think of anything. Anyway, I love to explore the world and I’m getting into photography to the point where it’s bordering on obsessive,  I currently have a Sony DSC-T10 point and click which is conveniently sized but inconveniently terrible so bear with me. Expect travel stories with a focus on photography and a healthy dose of awkward kiwi humour, should be fun.


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