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An Evening at the El Calafate Wildlife Reserve

After settling into my digs in El Calafate I did a little looking around and came across a wildlife reserve down near Lake Argentino. It turned out to be an incredibly beautiful spot, especially as the sun went down in the evening. Reflective ponds, pretty flowers and animals frolicking in the long grass made for some great photography!


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McDaniels – I’m Lovin It!

Oh yeah! Time for some McDaniels!….wait, what?


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Arriving in El Calafate

Three flights later and I’ve finally arrived in El Calafate, Argentina, where I will begin my Patagonian odyssey. I have that feeling you get when you arrive in a strange part of the world and can’t speak the language, there’s apprehension but a fun sense of curiosity that draws you around the next corner to see what lies ahead. Right now what I hope what lies ahead is food because I’m hungry!


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