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Hiking Fitz Roy

Hiking to Mt Fitz Roy was an amazing experience. There’s great trails and incredible landscapes that lead all the way up to Laguna de los Tres, the gorgeous lake that sits below the rugged Fitz Roy peak. Campamento Poincenot offered shelter from the winds overnight and allowed me to leave my heavy bags behind as I made my way up to the lake….twice. I also made the effort to check out the Piedras Blancas Glacier and Laguna Torre, as well as lots of other lakes and fun surprises along the way. I would liked to have pushed on to Lago Electrico but I’ve only got a limited amount of time here in Patagonia and I was more than satisfied with what I’d seen (and keen for a shower and some food!).


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Battling the Wind at Laguna Torre

I made the (semi ridiculous) decision to take a 3 hour detour to Laguna Torre on my way back to El Chalten, despite carrying a huge pack on only a few hours sleep. I’ll probably only see this part of the world once though so when you think about it, why wouldn’t I make the detour?? What I once thought was strong wind turned out to be nothing more than a fresh breeze as this place was blowing a gale! As I walked over the ridge near the lake I could barely stand up, it was so intense that I couldn’t even walk down to the water’s edge. I took one photo and then got the hell out of there. Haha in retrospect this is one of my favourite memories of the trip, even if it was horrendous at the time.


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Sunset & Sunrise at Mt Fitz Roy

Watching the sunset at Mt Fitz Roy was a little bit magical, so much so that I got up early (very early) and watched the sunrise as well! They’re both unique experiences and not to missed if you get the chance. Expect nasty weather and then hope for the best, someone must have been looking out for me because it was remarkably calm while I was up there.


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Just Me and the Moon

After setting up my tent below the summit of Mt Fitz Roy and I climbed up there and enjoyed a spectacular sunset. It was so great I decided to get up in the middle of the night and return for sunrise. While crossing a river not far from my tent I spotted the moon above the hills looking extra pretty, I should have been sleeping but that kind of thing can wait when there’s so much great stuff to see!


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A Quick Stop at Mirador Rio de las Vueltas

Picking up a sleeping bag and tent in El Chalten was making my already heavy bag almost unbearable. I took the opportunity to take a break at Mirador Rio de las Vueltas, a gorgeous spot that also serves a reminder of how windy it can get in Patagonia. And when I say windy I mean WINDY! I struggled to hold the camera for this shot but it came out ok. The scene reminded me of a pretty landscape painting so I added a little texture to give it a painterly feel.


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The Jagged Peaks of Mt Fitz Roy

After a picturesque bus ride from El Calafate to El Chalten I stocked up on supplies and picked myself up a comically sized sleeping bag and tent combination (advances in technology don’t appear to have reached here yet) for an overnight hike to Mt Fitz Roy and beyond. I was looking forward to this part of the trip and the the closer I got to the jagged peaks of Mt Fitz Roy, the more excited I got! I eventually arrived at a fork in the path that gave me the choice of two routes that would eventually meet up again. Being the indecisive person that I am I stood there without moving for about 5 minutes before deciding to take the high road that eventually got me this great view of the Mt Fitz Roy summit.


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