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Adventures in Torres del Paine

I’m sad to leave Torres del Paine but it’s been a great adventure and there’s always a chance I’ll come back one day to tick off the things I missed this time around. I hiked most of the W Circuit but I’d love to do the full loop some time when I’m a bit more organized. The weather is wild here but that tends to be a good thing from a photography perspective, I don’t like strong winds and rain but I do like having new colours, clouds and lighting to work with each time I go outside. On the other side of things it’s also been a little stressful. Logistics have been difficult, a park ranger picked on me (what a bully!) and I can’t speak Spanish. Haha that last one is definitely my fault, I guess we’re all to blame 🙂


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My Very Own Eco-Dome

I’ve had a little trouble finding accommodation here in Torres del Paine so I’ve ended up at a cult-like eco-camp where people stay in domes. It’s admittedly a little strange but also a little awesome!! I think I’m the only person who isn’t staying as part of a larger group because when I rock up for meals (in the mothership dome) they always look at me weird, like I’ve just walked into some secret initiation ceremony or something (which let’s be honest, I have). There are some eco-friendly features to the dome and the cosy fireplace is a nice touch. It’s fairly sturdy but the crazy Patagonian winds gave it a real battering. I feel safe but the noise and rattling is a little unsettling and doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep. May as well go outside and take some photos of the stars…


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Strange Cloud Formations

I love clouds, they’re random and beautiful. Almost every day you go outside you see something new in the sky, an interesting colour, a unique shape, or perhaps a crazy mix of things like the “sampler’ dish you wish you hadn’t ordered from that restaurant last week. Tonight I got the sampler dish, and I loved it. There’s a bunch of things going on here but my favourite part is the 3 clouds in the top right hand corner. It’s like they’ve just realized it’s not a dress up party and they’re quickly trying to scamper out the door before anyone notices their ridiculous outfits.


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The Towers of Torres del Paine

Today I walked to an iconic location here in Patagonia, the Torres del Paine Towers. At least I think that’s there name, maybe they don’t have a name, either way they’re pretty awesome. I had to wait a while for the clouds to clear but I eventually managed to get a clear shot. I also managed to get in trouble with a grumpy park ranger for climbing over rocks, they’re pretty strict over here in Chile!


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A River to the Stars

I went for a walk in the evening near Hotel las Torres and played around with some long exposure shots. I think this one’s quite nice, like it’s a river to the stars, or something like that…(it’s actually the moon but don’t tell anyone or it’ll ruin my story).


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The Sand Barrier at Lago Grey

Not long after my boat trip to the Grey Glacier, dark clouds set in and we had some rain. The sun eventually fought back and declared itself the winner with a victory rainbow out over the sand barrier, well played big guy, well played.


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Stray Ice at the Grey Glacier

I took a boat trip out to the mysterious Grey Glacier today, it wasn’t the calmest of conditions but I think that’s the way things are more often than not here. There were a lot of opportunities to get interesting shots of the icy surroundings, it’s never easy when the boat is bobbing up and down but it was a fun challenge. This one of stray ice floating off the glacier is probably my favourite.


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Chasing Rainbows

Today was my first full day in the Torres del Paine National Park so I thought I’d so a half day tour to get things started. Guided tours aren’t usually my thing but there’s a lot to see here and I thought it would be a good idea to get a general overview before I jumped straight in. On our way back the weather got kinda crazy with dark clouds, brilliant colours, dramatic rays of light and all kinds of cool things going on. Sadly I was the only one interested in taking photos so we didn’t stop to get a better look. All I got in the end was this stupid rainbow, from inside the van, not bitter at all…


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The Bridge into Torres del Paine

This is the old bridge into Torres del Paine next to the new one that they built to make it easier for vehicles to get in. It’s kinda funny because the replacement bridge is only slightly wider than the original one so vans still have difficulty getting over, nice one guys. I feel like you need to know these things.


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Cordillera del Paine

That crazy piece of rock you’re looking at is Cordillera del Paine, a rock formation at the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. This is where I will be hanging out for a week or so, can’t wait! If you’re wondering if it was smooth sailing to get here from El Calatafe in Argentina, it wasn’t. I had all kinds of problems, including a currency exchange that didn’t exchange currency, broken windscreens, late buses, taxi drivers that couldn’t understand my frantic sign language and other crazy goings on. But hey, I made it! Torres del Paine baby!


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