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Natural Wonders in Banaue

Banaue is a beautiful area of the Philippines and a welcome change of pace after the stress of Manila. It is full of natural wonders that make photography a pleasure, and while the Batad Rice Terraces are definitely the star of the show, there is much more to enjoy in and around the local villages.


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The Sun Room

The chances of me sleeping in today were incredibly slim when you factor in the intense sunlight flooding into my room at 6 in the morning. I love my sun room, and who needs sleep anyway…


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Enjoying the Ride

The kids in Banaue love nothing more than to jump on the back of Jeepneys passing through their village. It’s usually a short ride down the road to their mate’s place but I don’t think they care much about where they end up, it’s all about jumping on and enjoying the ride, life is about the journey rather than the destination after all. This shot stood out to me because of the sunset reflection and the two old guys in the background who look seriously confused.


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Saddle Clouds

Back at the top of the saddle above the Batad Rice Terraces some dark clouds had set in to hide the sun and create a little drama for the ride home.


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In Need of a Caption

I really like this photo but for the life of me I can’t think of a decent caption. Are they friends? Is one┬áthreatening┬áthe other? Are they hugging? Trying to stay warm? I’m lost.


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Tappiyah Falls

Around 30 minutes on foot from the Batad Rice Terraces you’ll find Tappiyah Falls, an impressive waterfall that is a nice complement to the terraces. It’s a steep hike to get down there and quite exhausting on a hot day but you can cool off by swimming underneath them. Just don’t forget you have to walk back up the hill to get home (it’s a real gut buster so you’ve been warned).


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Batad Rice Terraces

With the help of a guide I made my way up to the legendary Batad Rice Terraces, an amphitheater shaped UNESCO world heritage site that needs to be seen to be believed. The Batad village is nearly 4000 feet above sea level and it’s an amazing destination to visit in person. I’d made quite the effort to get here but it was well worth it.


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All Aboard the Jeepney!

How does one get around in Banaue? (or anywhere in the Philippines for that matter) By Jeepney of course! US military jeeps left over from World War II were modified by the Filipinos and now they are a popular form of public transportation. They don’t hold back on the ‘pimp my ride’ aspect either, there’s clearly some Laker fans in these parts.


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Sunrise in Banaue

Today I woke up in Banaue, a mountainous area of Northern Luzon that is famous for its rice terraces. I feel much more comfortable here than I did in Manila, I’m sure this sunrise photo helps explain why…


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