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Exploring the Island of Bohol

After 3 days exploring the island of Bohol I think I’ve done a pretty good job of experiencing what it has to offer. The Chocolate Hills were amazing, the forests were majestic, the wildlife was incredible and the beaches were (checks thesaurus) beauteous. If you’re in the Visayas region or the Philippines in general I definitely┬árecommend┬áchecking it out, it’s probably worth it for the Chocolate Hills alone (and no they don’t make chocolate there, I know you were wondering).


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Alona Beach on Panglao Island

It would be rude to come to the Philippines and not lounge around on the stunning white sands of a local beach so I trundled along to Alona Beach on Panglao Island and enjoyed a day of beach activities. There’s swimming, snorkeling, boat trips and plenty more on offer for the energetic as well as some good old fashioned sun bathing for everyone else. It’s pretty much paradise so naturally their was an incredible sunset that topped off a fun day at the beach and a wonderful trip to the Philippines in general (if I forget about Manila that is).


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Hinagdanan Cave

On my last full day in the Philippines I’m hanging out on Panglao Island, a nice spot south west of Bohol where you’ll find the Hinagdanan Cave among other natural wonders.


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Loboc Butterfly Sanctuary

Up next on my magical mystery tour of Bohol was the butterfly sanctuary in Loboc. They had some interesting species on display and I managed to get a few nice photos of the butterflies frolicking among the plants.


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Hanging Bridge over the Loboc River

In a funny story I nearly ran out of pesos at the Chocolate Hills, forcing me to skip a few meals and take a slightly dodgy ride on the back of a motorcycle to Tagbilaran where I could hopefully remedy the situation. We stopped at a few touristy spots on the way in a well organized attempt to remove whatever remaining money I had from my pockets but it was quite fun so no harm done. At the Loboc River I walked across the hanging bridge before quickly walking back when I realized they were selling t-shirts on the other side, classic tourism that one, classic.


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The Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Visiting the Chocolate Hills of Bohol was probably the main driving force behind my trip to the Philippines. I love the alien landscape the hills create and I was looking forward to capturing it in a few photos, there was also an element of mystery to them as information was relatively scarce, thankfully they did not disappoint. After arriving at Tagbilaran airport I jumped on a local bus (much to the amusement of the locals) and made my way to the centre of the island where the hills can be found. I’d heard that work on the hotel there was never completed and that rumor proved to be true, the person standing at “reception” gladly took a few pesos off me and showed me to my very basic room. They’re not going to win any tourism awards but all I needed was a roof over my head so I could be there with my camera to capture the hills at sunset and sunrise. The weather ended up being perfect with dramatic clouds and early morning fog creating the perfect backdrop to the already impressive hills. The whole experience (hotel included) was surreal and definitely something I won’t forget any time soon.


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Philippine Tarsier

After exploring the northern end of the Philippines I’ve moved south to the island of Bohol, home to the Philippine Tarsier, one of the smallest primates in the world. It’s not hard to fall in love with these little guys as they cling to tree branches with their E.T. fingers, looking at you with those outrageously big eyes. Can I keep it mom?!


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