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Two Days in Valencia

I had two days in Valencia and it felt like enough time to get out and see what made the city tick. The city of Arts and Sciences seemed like the major drawcard but there were a few nice surprises including crossing paths with Andrew Bynum of all people during qualifying for the European F1 Grand Prix (sadly he wasn’t keen on a photo).


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Gulliver’s Playground

I loved the story of Gulliver’s Travels when I was younger (and still do), I also loved playgrounds when I was younger (and still do?), so naturally I thought this playground I stumbled across in Valencia was pretty cool.


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City of Arts and Sciences

I’d seen a few pictures of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia but it didn’t prepare me for the sheer size of the complex. It covers a huge area with a range of entertainment venues and modern architectural wonders designed to look like everything from a giant eye to the skeleton of a whale.


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