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Squeezing Through Antelope Canyon

We stopped at a number of cool spots on the way to Burning Man, including beautiful Antelope Canyon. We were a little late for the ‘pro tour’ so had to squeeze through the canyon with all the other plebs 🙂 haha not too bad but I can only imagine the shots you could get with a little more time and space to work with, the colours are mind-blowing!

Leaving my tripod behind I cranked the ISO to around 800 and experimented with various shutter speeds to see how good the Sony A7r II steadyshot feature is… turns out it’s pretty good! Not all my shots we’re crisp but I found enough to work with including this one right here.

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Under the Santa Monica Pier

This is my first photo taken with the new Sony a7r II and I quite like it! 🙂 I don’t think it would have looked much different with the original a7r (or any other modern digital camera for that matter) but it at least helps me justify the ridiculous price I paid haha! Well kind of anyway… Obviously I need to play around with it a lot more but at first glance it seems pretty similar to the a7r, a little bigger, a slight bump in stats (more megapixels baby!) and with some of those weird software quirks thankfully fixed (bracketing/timer limitations etc).

As for the photo, I went for a casual stroll along the beach in Santa Monica ending up underneath the pier at sunset. The light blasted through creating all kinds of awesome shadows, just a really cool scene.

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New York Revisited

16 months after my first trip to New York I managed to get back to the Big Apple and check out a range of new spots, as well as watch the US tennis open for the first time. There’s so much going on in New York that you only need to grab your camera and go for a walk to find something cool. I took a few nice skylines this time around and it was fun getting out to Liberty Island, stumbling across the bronze sculptures at Penny Park and seeing the additions to the High Line.

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New York Skyline Sunset

During an incredible evening watching the US Open men’s tennis final I took this sunset photo of the New York skyline, a memorable way to end my second visit to the Big Apple.


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US Open Tennis Men’s Final

Tonight I was lucky enough to watch the US Open men’s tennis final at Arthur Ashe Stadium here in New York. Kudos to Andy Murray for finally getting over the hump and winning his first grand slam title against an always tough to beat Novak Djokovic. It was an amazing match that started early in the afternoon and continued through to the early evening. The fact that it went so long gave me a chance to climb to the top of the stadium and get this photo with the New York skyline in the background as the sun went down, just an incredible experience standing up there. After weather delays earlier in the tournament the final was put back to September 10, the day I was due to leave. Fortunately for me I was able to reschedule my flight and enjoy a day to remember at Flushing Meadows.


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Underground Records

I was walking aimlessly around Queens when I came across this awesome record store. Technically it was above ground but underground sounds way cooler so let’s run with that.


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Pepsi-Cola Sign

Among other interesting things at the Gantry Plaza State Park is a 60 foot Pepsi-Cola sign that is left over from the old Pepsi bottling plant, retro cool!


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Sunset Over Manhattan

It looked like it was going to be a gorgeous evening so I jumped on the subway and went over to the Gantry Plaza State Park in Queens to watch the sunset over midtown Manhattan. It’s a great little spot and the sunset certainly didn’t disappoint.


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Bronze Sculptures at Penny Park

Today I stumbled across a fantastic collection of bronze sculptures created by Tom Otterness that are known as “The Real World”. These wonderful characters can be found at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park (also known as Penny Park) in lower Manhattan. The sculptures depict real life social and cultural issues but their comical nature is the first thing that draws you in. I had a blast taking photos of these sculptures and recommend checking them out if you’re in the area.


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An Epic Cloud Over New York

There had been some funky clouds around New York all day and by the time I was on the ferry back from Liberty Island they had graduated to seriously awesome. This epic beast of a cloud shielded the sun as we made our way back to Manhattan. The clouds were so cool I half expected the ferry staff to charge me extra for my ticket! But then I remembered they were already ripping me off….haha just kidding! (maybe).


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Statue of Liberty

You’ve probably already seen photos of the Statue of Liberty before so bear with me on this one. I never made it out to Liberty Island last time I was in New York so I jumped on a ferry and did my best to make up for lost time. I took a lot of photos but I think I like the dramatic clouds in the background of this one best.


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A Sunflower in New York

While walking the streets of New York today I came across this lovely looking sunflower bathing in the sun, how great are sunflowers!


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Walking the High Line in NYC

I really enjoyed walking along the High Line park last time I was in New York so I made sure to get back down to the lower west side of Manhattan to experience it again. The elevated walkway had been lengthened since I last saw it and there were new plants, sculptures and other artwork to enjoy. The High Line is a wonderful development and a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon in the sun.


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The Kiss

While I was walking the High Line in New York today I stumbled across this awesome piece of street art. No doubt you’ve seen the ‘V-J Day in Times Square’ photo showing an American sailor kissing a woman in a white dress after the end of the war on Japan was announced back in 1945. I think this is a really cool spin on that photo, so nice work ‘KOBRA’, whoever you may be.


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Over 99 Billion Served

Over 99 billion served at McDonalds….wait what?! Over 99 billion served?! C’mon people!! Haha this statistic sounded ridiculous at first but after crunching some numbers in my head I think it might be accurate…yikes! And yes I too am partial to the occasional Big Mac.


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Exploring the Islands of Hawaii

After 3 weeks exploring the islands of Hawaii I am now an expert at throwing a shaka. I’ve also mountain biked down a volcano, snorkeled where Captain Cook died, met some friendly people, met some slightly weird people, hiked through alien landscapes and seen some of the most diverse and beautiful scenery you could ever imagine. Hawaii is crammed full of tourists but if you can get past that roadblock then there’s an incredible amount of fun to be had. Kauai was my favorite island because it felt more remote than the others, like being Tom hanks in the movie Castaway (minus Wilson). They all had something to offer though, the Big Island has the incredible Kilaeua Volcano, Maui has great snorkeling and a chilled out vibe, while Oahu is well suited if you like a bit of everything with some shopping and night life thrown in for good measure. What a thoroughly mature description of the Hawaiian islands, good for me, I’m now going to ruin it by saying there’s lots of chickens that run around like they own the place and wake you up really early in the morning. I’ll leave you with some of my favorite photos from my time here, mahalo and aloha to the Hawaiian islands, it’s been a blast.

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The Best of Kauai

I’ve spent 5 of the most enjoyable days of my life here on Kauai and I don’t really want it to end, but it is, in fact my entire Hawaiian journey is coming to a close. I feel like I’ve done a bit of everything on Kauai and hopefully my photos reflect that. It’s my favorite Hawaiian island because it has so much going for it but it’s not as commercialized as the other islands can be. If I come back some day I’d like to do a helicopter trip over the island, it looked spectacular from the air when we came in by plane so no doubt it would be worth it. I loved walking under giant palm trees, snorkeling in crystal clear waters and boogie boarding at Hanalei Bay but I think my favorite area was the Na Pali coast where I had the time of my life exploring the Kalalau trail, just an amazing experience.

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Drama Over Niihau and Lehua

Tonight there was drama over the islands of Niihau and Lehua. Not the bad kind of drama though, instead it was a sunset of epic proportions as the sun went behind a cloud and spread gorgeous light and color over the two islands and the water that separates them. What a way to finish my last day on Kauai.


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Surprise! Waimea Canyon

I’m going to be honest with you, before I came to Kauai, I’d never heard of Waimea Canyon (shame on me). So it came as quite a surprise when we arrived to see the epic nature of it. Just another bonus of life here on Kauai, seriously is there any kind of natural feature that it doesn’t have?? I’ve seen rivers, waterfalls, beaches, mountains, valleys, cliffs, fields, rainforests and now a canyon, when will it end??


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Kalalau Valley

To get a different view of the spectacular Kalalau Valley you can drive up past Waimea Canyon and find a range of beautiful look out spots, as well as a number of hiking opportunities. I can’t get enough of Kalalau (and Kauai in general) so I loved every minute of it. After driving up to the final look out we followed one of the trails further down into the valley, it was quite undulating but nothing too serious. Just another day in paradise.


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