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Squeezing Through Antelope Canyon

We stopped at a number of cool spots on the way to Burning Man, including beautiful Antelope Canyon. We were a little late for the ‘pro tour’ so had to squeeze through the canyon with all the other plebs 🙂 haha not too bad but I can only imagine the shots you could get with a little more time and space to work with, the colours are mind-blowing!

Leaving my tripod behind I cranked the ISO to around 800 and experimented with various shutter speeds to see how good the Sony A7r II steadyshot feature is… turns out it’s pretty good! Not all my shots we’re crisp but I found enough to work with including this one right here.

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Monument Valley Panorama

A panorama photo of the Monument Valley landscape from near the national park visitor center.


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Majestic Monument Valley

We stopped at the Monument Valley visitor center for a few hours, had some lunch and took a few snaps of the vast landscapes. Rolling through Monument Valley has been one of the road trip highlights for me so far.


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Grand Canyon Panorama

It’s tough to convey the size of the Grand Canyon in a normal photo so here’s a panorama shot, which still doesn’t do it justice.


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Expectations at the Grand Canyon

Did you know that the Grand Canyon used to be called the Great Canyon? The thing is, I actually think it should have kept that name, not because it isn’t grand but because it keeps expectations in check. I’d heard so much about the Grand canyon that my expectations were stratospheric, something it couldn’t possibly live up to. So in the end I was impressed but not blown away, especially after visiting Yosemite, Zion and Bryce earlier in the trip (places I knew next to nothing about). I guess the moral of the story is that high expectations can lead to a bit of a downer while low expectations can equal surprise excitement. Of course I mentioned this to a few friends who’ve seen the Grand Canyon and they were like “shut up it’s freaking amazing!”, so don’t take my word for it.

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