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Death Valley Panoramas

Just when you thought I was done raving about Death valley I’ve gone and uploaded some panorama shots. There’s one looking down the valley from a lookout point, one of the desert sands and one of Zabriskie Point.


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Desert Fun in Death Valley

What says fun more than crazy hot temperatures and utter desolation! I thoroughly enjoyed Death Valley and think it’s a sneaky good spot to check out, especially if you’re in the Las Vegas area. There’s sand to enjoy, crazy rock formations and the landscapes can only be described as alien. Bring your camera.

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Crazy Rock Formations at Zabriskie Point

I love this place! Zabriskie Point is home to some of the weirdest rock formations you’ll ever see. Apparently this type of erosional landscape is called ‘badlands’, of course it is. Did you know that Zabriskie Point features prominently on U2’s album Joshua Tree? Of course you did.


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Death Valley, Check Engine

We’re entering Death Valley, one of the most inhospitable places on the planet, and the Ram is not impressed. He’s flashing every warning light at his disposal, including some we didn’t even know existed.


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Sequoia Trees, Suspiciously Big

Our journey through California took us next to Sequoia National Park, where the trees are clearly on steroids. I don’t know if I’m the first person to bring this up but it’s pretty obvious, look at the size of them!


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Streaking Deer Caught on Camera

On the road again after leaving Yosemite and that cheeky deer thought he could streak in front of the Ram and get away with it. He didn’t count on my sharp camera skills though, let this be a lesson to all streaking deer, shame on you (clearly I need some sleep).


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A Day at Yosemite National Park

I spent a day enjoying the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park, doing a few short hikes and taking a billion photos. I’d love to spend more time here if I ever get the chance, it might be my new favourite thing about the US (up there with breakfast at IHOP, and freedom of course, that’s pretty good too).

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Half Dome, Full Amazing

Half Dome in Yosemite National Park is nothing short of spectacular. I was excited to get up close and personal with the big slab of granite and it did not disappoint, I’d love to climb it if I ever get back with some more time up my sleeve.


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The Road to Yosemite

Well it turns out the Ram isn’t invincible after all, at least the tires aren’t anyway. The road to Yosemite was a challenge but we got there in the end and what a drive it was, with each corner offering a unique view of the majestic El Capitan before we rolled gingerly into the valley and caught sight of the awe-inspiring Half Dome.


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Out & About in San Francisco

There was plenty more to tick off in San Francisco, including the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars up Nob Hill and the crookedest street in the universe. Biking over the Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy day was definitely the highlight for me, sensing the height without being able to see anything was exciting stuff.

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San Francisco Chinatown

I’ve heard Chinatown in San Francisco is a pretty big deal so we made sure to check it out!

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San Francisco Panorama

Here’s a nice panorama I took of San Francisco from Alcatraz, those inmates really had it good.


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Doing Time on Alcatraz

Doing time on Alcatraz is probably the least original title I could come up with so kudos to me for using it anyway. My time on Alcatraz was probably similar to that of inmates past, pleasant but a little unproductive. It’s about as touristy as you can get but if you don’t go in with outrageous expectations you’ll probably enjoy it, as I did.

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Big Sur and the California Coast

We cruised up the coast of California and enjoyed some of the spectacular scenery on offer. A landslide stopped us from getting through to San Francisco so we had to back track and take an inland detour, which turned out to be quite scenic itself so other than a late arrival in San Francisco, extra fuel costs and massive stress, no harm done.

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Other Los Angeles Highlights

The Walt Disney Concert Hall was pretty cool, almost as cool as pretending to be David Hasselhoff on Baywatch, which in turn couldn’t compete with watching Blake Griffin throw down some dunks while racking up a triple double in the last game of the Clippers season. I’m a big basketball fan so that was an instant ‘dear diary’ moment for me. I’ve also thrown in a bonus picture of an LA motorway, enjoy. Now let’s get out of this dump! Haha jokes.

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Kiwis Doing Hollywood Stuff

We couldn’t come to LA and not check out Hollywood so we jumped in the Ram and headed to the spiritual home of botox and scientology, and what a day it was. Wax museum, walk of stars….other stuff I’ve already forgotten, you name it. Just when you thought it couldn’t be any better we managed to get the Ram up the narrow streets for a photo in front of the Hollywood sign, what a day!


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Venice Beach Street Performers

I spent a great day down at Venice Beach, cycling, playing a little tennis and doing a whole lot of people watching. There were also some street performers doing flips, dive rolls and other awesome stuff that I can definitely do but just choose not to.


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Downtown LA Panorama

I took a panorama shot of the Los Angeles downtown area from my room, enjoy it….or else.


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Let the USA Road Trip Begin!

Two and a half months cruising around the USA sounds like a good way to spend a summer, especially when it’s in a Dodge Ram! We’re starting in Los Angeles and making our way across the country ticking off cities such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston and New York as well as some national parks and plenty of other stuff, can’t wait!


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