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Death Valley Panoramas

Just when you thought I was done raving about Death valley I’ve gone and uploaded some panorama shots. There’s one looking down the valley from a lookout point, one of the desert sands and one of Zabriskie Point.


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Desert Fun in Death Valley

What says fun more than crazy hot temperatures and utter desolation! I thoroughly enjoyed Death Valley and think it’s a sneaky good spot to check out, especially if you’re in the Las Vegas area. There’s sand to enjoy, crazy rock formations and the landscapes can only be described as alien. Bring your camera.

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Crazy Rock Formations at Zabriskie Point

I love this place! Zabriskie Point is home to some of the weirdest rock formations you’ll ever see. Apparently this type of erosional landscape is called ‘badlands’, of course it is. Did you know that Zabriskie Point features prominently on U2’s album Joshua Tree? Of course you did.


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Death Valley, Check Engine

We’re entering Death Valley, one of the most inhospitable places on the planet, and the Ram is not impressed. He’s flashing every warning light at his disposal, including some we didn’t even know existed.


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