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Exploring the Islands of Hawaii

After 3 weeks exploring the islands of Hawaii I am now an expert at throwing a shaka. I’ve also mountain biked down a volcano, snorkeled where Captain Cook died, met some friendly people, met some slightly weird people, hiked through alien landscapes and seen some of the most diverse and beautiful scenery you could ever imagine. Hawaii is crammed full of tourists but if you can get past that roadblock then there’s an incredible amount of fun to be had. Kauai was my favorite island because it felt more remote than the others, like being Tom hanks in the movie Castaway (minus Wilson). They all had something to offer though, the Big Island has the incredible Kilaeua Volcano, Maui has great snorkeling and a chilled out vibe, while Oahu is well suited if you like a bit of everything with some shopping and night life thrown in for good measure. What a thoroughly mature description of the Hawaiian islands, good for me, I’m now going to ruin it by saying there’s lots of chickens that run around like they own the place and wake you up really early in the morning. I’ll leave you with some of my favorite photos from my time here, mahalo and aloha to the Hawaiian islands, it’s been a blast.

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The Best of Kauai

I’ve spent 5 of the most enjoyable days of my life here on Kauai and I don’t really want it to end, but it is, in fact my entire Hawaiian journey is coming to a close. I feel like I’ve done a bit of everything on Kauai and hopefully my photos reflect that. It’s my favorite Hawaiian island because it has so much going for it but it’s not as commercialized as the other islands can be. If I come back some day I’d like to do a helicopter trip over the island, it looked spectacular from the air when we came in by plane so no doubt it would be worth it. I loved walking under giant palm trees, snorkeling in crystal clear waters and boogie boarding at Hanalei Bay but I think my favorite area was the Na Pali coast where I had the time of my life exploring the Kalalau trail, just an amazing experience.

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Drama Over Niihau and Lehua

Tonight there was drama over the islands of Niihau and Lehua. Not the bad kind of drama though, instead it was a sunset of epic proportions as the sun went behind a cloud and spread gorgeous light and color over the two islands and the water that separates them. What a way to finish my last day on Kauai.


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Surprise! Waimea Canyon

I’m going to be honest with you, before I came to Kauai, I’d never heard of Waimea Canyon (shame on me). So it came as quite a surprise when we arrived to see the epic nature of it. Just another bonus of life here on Kauai, seriously is there any kind of natural feature that it doesn’t have?? I’ve seen rivers, waterfalls, beaches, mountains, valleys, cliffs, fields, rainforests and now a canyon, when will it end??


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Kalalau Valley

To get a different view of the spectacular Kalalau Valley you can drive up past Waimea Canyon and find a range of beautiful look out spots, as well as a number of hiking opportunities. I can’t get enough of Kalalau (and Kauai in general) so I loved every minute of it. After driving up to the final look out we followed one of the trails further down into the valley, it was quite undulating but nothing too serious. Just another day in paradise.


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Walking the Kalalau Trail

Walking the Kalalau Trail was one of the things I was most excited about when I decided to come to Kauai. It’s such a special area of the world and you can’t help but marvel at the beautiful scenery as you make your way around the coastline to the Kalalau Beach. I’d even bothered to get a special permit from the state parks department that you’re supposed to have, turns out no one else does though! Haha just this one time I go the extra mile and everyone else is like “nah, screw that”, classic. That’s me and my dad in one of the pics by the way, I offered him $2 an hour to be my sherpa and he couldn’t agree fast enough.


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Na Pali Coast Panoramas

It’s impossible to capture the incredible Na Pali Coast in a single photograph and it’s probably not going to be any easier with a panorama, but here’s to trying! These are two of my favorite panoramas from the boat trip I took around the Na Pali coast.


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The Incredible Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali coast of Kauai is incredible, it’s hard to describe just how spectacular it is without actually seeing it in person and while I took a whole bunch of photos, the sun was playing havoc and the photos really don’t do it justice. It was an amazing day to be out on the boat, exploring the coastline, cruising with playful dolphins, snorkeling, whale watching and just having a great time. By the time we got to “Pirate’s Double Door Cave”, I was 100% sure we were on another planet. Apparently they filmed parts of the original Jurassic park movie on the Na Pali Coast, which doesn’t surprise me at all, I half expected to see a T-Rex appear above one of the cliffs and let out a huge roar.


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A Cloudy Day at Hanalei Bay

A cloudy day at Hanalei Bay, that rhymes. Yeah, anyway I was out at Hanalei Bay for the day doing a little boogie boarding and what not and took a few snaps while I was there, as I like to do. The weather wasn’t perfect but the beach was still good times, cowabunga.


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Walk With Me – The Cutest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Walk with me my friend, we have so much to talk about. I was hanging out on Hanalei Pier when two little guys decided to steal the show, it’s probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen so I couldn’t help grabbing a photo to preserve the memory.


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Kilauea Lighthouse

I’ve arrived on Kauai and the first thing I’m checking out is the Kilauea Lighthouse and wildlife reserve, a scenic spot that’s definitely worth a look. My Kauai adventure is officially under way!


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Wailua River and Falls

Grab yourself a kayak and paddle your way up the beautiful Wailua River to see the Wailua Falls in action, there are definitely worse ways to spend your day.


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Big Fun on Big Island

The Big Island or simply Hawaii as it’s known here in the Hawaiian islands is a treasure trove of secret snorkeling spots, epic volcanoes and top notch coffee. I stayed in Kona, which was the perfect base, it had a cool vibe going and lots to check out, I was even there for the Kona Beer Festival (but couldn’t get a ticket as they were sold out, how cruel!). Hilo is great for a day trip or two and there’s some nice waterfalls around but for me the star of the show (other than Kilauea) was the snorkeling. I cruised around on my bike finding new spots to snorkel every day and each one seemed better than the last. In my opinion the number one spot for snorkeling on the Big Island is in front of the Captain Cook monument in Kealakekua Bay. It’s absolutely breathtaking, there’s an incredibly diverse range of sea life and coral, the waters are crystal clear and the rock formations under the water are spectacular. It’s a little bit of a trek to get there but it’s totally worth it, I cycled there and took a hiking trail from the road while others prefer to kayak across the bay. I think that’s about everything, aloha to the Big Island, thanks for the memories!


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The Kilauea Volcano Experience

The Kilauea Volcano is a must do experience when visiting Hawaii’s Big Island. I don’t mean you have to lower yourself slowly into the magma or anything but you should at least see it, preferably when it gets dark. I did it as part of a tour that included lava tubes, lava fields and some other cool stuff on the Hilo side of the island but it was all about the big show for me on this occasion. It’s beautiful watching the glow from the lava brightening as the light slowly fades over the crater. To tell you the truth I was itching to get closer to the action but common sense prevailed and I stayed behind the railing, approximately 87 kilometres from the lava (which converts to….carry the 1….about 7942 miles). This would have been the perfect time to bust out my 5000x mega zoom ultra fancy pants laser guided low light camera but alas I don’t have one, the NEX did a reasonable job all things considered though so no biggie. We checked out some steam vents afterwards and got a different view of Kilauea which was pretty cool as well, all in all it was a fun volcano themed day, mahalo.


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The Perfect Kona Sunset

It may surprise you to hear but I am yet to see a sunset from every possible location in the world, I have however seen a Kona sunset, the perfect Kona sunset, it’s gonna be tough to beat this bad boy. I actually showed some restraint in only uploading one photo from tonight rather than 58 similar looking ones that were just dying to be seen by the world, kudos to me.


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Flying in to Hawaii’s Big Island

This was the only flight I booked that wasn’t with Hawaiian Airlines and it wasn’t hard to tell the difference as I strolled through the commuter airport into the smallest plane I’d ever flown in. After the initial surprise it was kinda fun, a throwback to earlier days if you will, not quite the Wright Brothers but close. I got some great views of the Big Island as we flew into Kona Airport and managed to take a few pics of what it looked like from my perspective.


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Living the Maui Dream

I’ve been living the Maui dream for 5 days now and it’s finally coming to an end. It’s been great fun cruising the coastlines on a bicycle, stopping at various spots for snorkeling and just exploring the island at a relaxed pace. About the only thing that went wrong was when the waves were too small for me to go surfing, talk about first world problems! Will I awake tomorrow in some cold urban jungle? Probably not as I’m off to the Big Island for part 3 of my Hawaiian adventure!

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Ridiculous Maui Sunsets

The sunsets on Maui are amazing, in fact it’s bordering on ridiculous. I’d like to enjoy a peaceful evening without feeling the need to get my camera and take a billion photos every night but it’s not going to happen is it. Anyway, grab a pina colada and enjoy a romantic mix of palm trees swaying in the wind, water lapping over beached branches and waves crashing into rocks.


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A Boat Trip Around Maui

Just another day swimming, snorkeling and whale watching here in Maui. This time I’m on a boat trip around the island and as relaxing as I’d like to pretend it is, it’s actually a bit rough. The weather is a little strange too so I’m taking the opportunity to experiment with some weird and wonderful photography. A little contrast here, a little shadow here….who knew lighting could be so fun!


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Haleakala Crater Rim Panorama

To celebrate my downhill mountain biking experience that didn’t end in broken bones, let’s all enjoy a panoramic picture of the Haleakala volcano crater rim. You can see the visitor center on the left side of the photo, that’s where everyone crams in to avoid the cold before the sun rises.


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