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Under the Santa Monica Pier

This is my first photo taken with the new Sony a7r II and I quite like it! 🙂 I don’t think it would have looked much different with the original a7r (or any other modern digital camera for that matter) but it at least helps me justify the ridiculous price I paid haha! Well kind of anyway… Obviously I need to play around with it a lot more but at first glance it seems pretty similar to the a7r, a little bigger, a slight bump in stats (more megapixels baby!) and with some of those weird software quirks thankfully fixed (bracketing/timer limitations etc).

As for the photo, I went for a casual stroll along the beach in Santa Monica ending up underneath the pier at sunset. The light blasted through creating all kinds of awesome shadows, just a really cool scene.

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Other Los Angeles Highlights

The Walt Disney Concert Hall was pretty cool, almost as cool as pretending to be David Hasselhoff on Baywatch, which in turn couldn’t compete with watching Blake Griffin throw down some dunks while racking up a triple double in the last game of the Clippers season. I’m a big basketball fan so that was an instant ‘dear diary’ moment for me. I’ve also thrown in a bonus picture of an LA motorway, enjoy. Now let’s get out of this dump! Haha jokes.

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Kiwis Doing Hollywood Stuff

We couldn’t come to LA and not check out Hollywood so we jumped in the Ram and headed to the spiritual home of botox and scientology, and what a day it was. Wax museum, walk of stars….other stuff I’ve already forgotten, you name it. Just when you thought it couldn’t be any better we managed to get the Ram up the narrow streets for a photo in front of the Hollywood sign, what a day!


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Venice Beach Street Performers

I spent a great day down at Venice Beach, cycling, playing a little tennis and doing a whole lot of people watching. There were also some street performers doing flips, dive rolls and other awesome stuff that I can definitely do but just choose not to.


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Downtown LA Panorama

I took a panorama shot of the Los Angeles downtown area from my room, enjoy it….or else.


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Let the USA Road Trip Begin!

Two and a half months cruising around the USA sounds like a good way to spend a summer, especially when it’s in a Dodge Ram! We’re starting in Los Angeles and making our way across the country ticking off cities such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston and New York as well as some national parks and plenty of other stuff, can’t wait!


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