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Doing NASA Stuff at Houston Space Center

You can’t come to Houston and not go to the Space Center! Not because it’s amazing but because there’s probably nothing else to do in Houston. We were only there for a day so that’s probably a little harsh, maybe we just caught it on a bad day. As for the Space Center, it’s pretty cool seeing the old NASA shuttles, mission control etc but nothing to write home about, I’d like to see them introduce actual trips to the moon so I can see what all the fuss is about.


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The Alamo in San Antonio

Had a quick look around the Alamo in San Antonio, home of the Battle of the Alamo back in 1836. I know very little about this battle sorry but I’m pretty sure Tim Duncan and David Robinson were involved.



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Hamilton Pool Panorama

A panorama photo of the Hamilton Pool near Austin, Texas.


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Swimming in Hamilton Pool near Austin

Not far outside Austin you’ll find Hamilton Pool, a great spot for an afternoon swim.


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Enrolling at the University of Texas in Austin

Okay so we didn’t enroll at the University of Texas but we were definitely tempted. Austin seems like a great city and the Longhorns could probably do with a few kiwis on the roster. They play on campus at the Texas Memorial Stadium, which apparently holds over 100000 people!

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Mavericks v Lakers in Dallas

We had a great few days in Dallas where, among other things, we watched the Mavericks sweep the Lakers in the NBA playoffs, good times.


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