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A Mexican Hat, in Utah

Sombrero time! We couldn’t come this far and not check out the legendary Mexican Hat, which turns out is in Utah, I didn’t even notice we’d crossed the border.


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Red Canyon, Why Not?

Visiting canyons has become a full time job for me and if I’m being honest, I’m getting pretty good at it. I’m still waiting on my first pay check but in the meantime let’s explore Red Canyon, which is only around 10 miles from Bryce Canyon.


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Peek-a-boo Trail in Bryce Canyon

Bryce “Canyon” demanded a closer inspection and what better way to do that than hiking the Peek-a-boo trail that weaves a mysterious path right through the heart of it. It’s a loop trail that is around 5 miles long, there’s quite a bit of elevation change too so you’ll be huffing and puffing by the time you climb back out of the canyon.

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Bryce Canyon Panoramas

A few panorama shots of Bryce Canyon.


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Bryce Canyon isn’t a Real Canyon??

Canyons seem to be in fashion on the road trip at the moment so why not keep the run going. Today it’s Bryce Canyon, which according to wikipedia isn’t even a real canyon?? I feel so ripped off! Turns out it’s a collection of giant natural amphitheaters, whatever that means. It’s easy on the eye and obviously a pretty special spot, even if it isn’t a real canyon (so bitter right now).


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Zion Canyon Panorama

Last but not least, a panorama pic of Zion Canyon from the top of Angels Landing.


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Up & Down Angels Landing

Today I set out to get up and down Angels Landing, a short (around 4km) but steep trail that offers some spectacular views of Zion Canyon. I was looking forward to a bit of hiking and Angels Landing did not disappoint. Some sections are really steep and genuinely freaky, especially when a rusty chain is the only thing between you and a meeting with the ground. It was exhilarating stuff though and I spent at least half an hour soaking up the views from the top before making my way down.

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The Three Patriarchs of Zion Canyon

I thought the Three Patriarchs were a particularly cool part of Zion Canyon, cool enough to get their own photo, congrats guys!


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Zion Canyon is Amazing

Zion Canyon is amazing and you know it! Well if you’ve been there you do. You hear plenty about the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Statue of Liberty etc but places like Zion and Yosemite seem to slip through the radar, well they slipped through my poorly calibrated New Zealand radar anyway, I hadn’t really heard of them until I was planning my trip. This is another place I could happily come back to.

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