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Sunsets in Vanuatu

I’m officially obsessed with sunsets (obviously I sleep in too late to ever witness a sunrise). I cringe every time I ruin the serenity here in Vanuatu by grabbing my camera but I just can’t help it, they’re gorgeous! Is there some kind of sunsets¬†anonymous meeting I can attend?¬†Or even a hotline? I need help people!

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Beware Falling Coconuts

Vanuatu, a place where the water is clear, the people are friendly and coconuts fall out of the sky with reckless abandon.


Hey Look I’m in Vanuatu!

I seem to have found myself in Vanuatu, which I’m just going to have to live with. It’s a gorgeous part of the South Pacific and there’s lots of great things to see and do. I’ll be chilling in Port Vila and exploring the island of Efate for about a week or so, looking forward to it.

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