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Wild Eyes – A Leopard in Botswana

We came across this incredible leopard on our last day in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. She’d just dragged a warthog up a tree and was in no mood to share, dismissing a bird of prey before staring down at me with intimidating, wild eyes. What a badass!

We must have watched her for hours but there was no real sense of time passing at all, such a special experience!

A Leopard in Botswana

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Oh Hai There!

I stumbled upon this friendly fella while on a hike here in the Faroe Islands. We talked about cheese prices, Nash equilibriums and the state of dairy farming before going our separate ways. These things happen when you’re traveling alone in the middle of nowhere (and already a little cray-cray)…

Oh hai there

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Hello from the Faroe Islands!

I’m here in the Faroe Islands for about a week, doing what exactly you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA! Haha! Definitely a few hikes, and maybe some exploring, yes lots of exploring! Anyway I’m staying in Torshavn and the people have been super-duper nice so far! I took this photo on a little walk through the town after settling in, this is gonna be fun!

Hello from the Faroe Islands

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Sheep in the Hills above Vik

While hiking in the hills above Vik I came across this happy little family, nice of them to pose for a photo! 🙂


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A Fish out of Water in Kobe

I bet a lot of people visit Kyoto and Osaka without realizing how close Kobe is. You can get there in as little as 30 minutes from those two cities so why not check it out, it’s definitely worth a day or two if you’ve got the time. I stumbled upon this randomly awesome fish sculpture while I was walking around the port area and it made my day, it’s probably the best fish sculpture I’ve ever seen. There was also a group of kids doing BMX tricks nearby, Kobe baby!


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Rocco the Antigravity Cat

This is my first cat related post so I hope it’s good, I know how important they are to a properly functioning Internet. I’ve been looking after my friend’s cat Rocco for a few days and couldn’t help taking a few photos of the little fella. He was apprehensive at first and constantly up to mischief but I think we’re friends now.


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Driving Dogs

Sometimes you walk past something that just makes you smile, this was one of those moments, immediately reminding me of that story about the SPCA training dogs to drive 🙂


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One Against Wolves

Well this was a nice surprise. Another early start took us to The Hills golf course in Arrowtown, owned by New Zealand jeweller and entrepreneur Michael Hill. The course features some amazing sculptures and one of the first things we saw were these fantastic wolves being held at bay by a lone warrior, very cool.


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Iguazu Falls – Photos from the End of the World

Iguazu Falls feels like something you’d find at the end of the world if you were one of those old school explorers navigating the high seas. Theories of the Earth being flat aren’t so common these days but it’s fun to use your imagination. Iguazu Falls is a tourist destination for sure but there’s still room for a little exploration and discovery if you don’t mind forking out for one of the fancy pants hotels that lets you walk around to your heart’s content after everyone else has been kicked out of the park. This is by far and away the best way to see Iguazu Falls, you’ll still enjoy yourself during normal hours but there’s something magical about standing there by yourself, marveling at the spectacle, just you and nature. If you can only visit from one side I’d personally go with Argentina because of the variety of trails and view points it offers but the view from Brazil ain’t half bad either.


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Adventure in the Philippines

My trip to the Philippines was a real adventure. After arriving 24 hours late in Manila thanks to flight delays I was greeted by an uncompromising concrete jungle that I couldn’t get out of fast enough. Banaue in the north was a welcoming change of pace and home to some incredible rice terraces. Panglao Island showed off postcard worthy beaches while Bohol had a little bit of everything. The Chocolate Hills were my favourite spot and I’m glad I managed to stay there overnight, seeing the hills as the sun came up in the morning was breathtaking. Obviously there’s much more to see in the Philippines and I can’t wait to come back one day to do some hiking, visit Mount Pinatubo and explore Palawan, but until then, these are my favourite photos from an adventure in the Philippines.

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Exploring the Island of Bohol

After 3 days exploring the island of Bohol I think I’ve done a pretty good job of experiencing what it has to offer. The Chocolate Hills were amazing, the forests were majestic, the wildlife was incredible and the beaches were (checks thesaurus) beauteous. If you’re in the Visayas region or the Philippines in general I definitely recommend checking it out, it’s probably worth it for the Chocolate Hills alone (and no they don’t make chocolate there, I know you were wondering).


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Loboc Butterfly Sanctuary

Up next on my magical mystery tour of Bohol was the butterfly sanctuary in Loboc. They had some interesting species on display and I managed to get a few nice photos of the butterflies frolicking among the plants.


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Philippine Tarsier

After exploring the northern end of the Philippines I’ve moved south to the island of Bohol, home to the Philippine Tarsier, one of the smallest primates in the world. It’s not hard to fall in love with these little guys as they cling to tree branches with their E.T. fingers, looking at you with those outrageously big eyes. Can I keep it mom?!


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In Need of a Caption

I really like this photo but for the life of me I can’t think of a decent caption. Are they friends? Is one threatening the other? Are they hugging? Trying to stay warm? I’m lost.


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Reindeer at Sámi Siida

With half a day up my sleeve I decided to check out the reindeer park and Sámi camp named Sámi Siida. It was a refreshing change of pace after the hectic days hiking through the Kungsleden and great fun just chilling with the reindeer.


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TMB – A Magical Horse

After making a few too many detours, I arrived at Refuge des Mottets later than planned but just in time to see the sun go down. There were some farm animals around including a magical horse that grants wishes, mine was for a big meal and a comfy bed, “consider it granted” the horse appeared to say as I gingerly made my way to the dining hall, so tired, so very very tired…


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A Cute Dog with Floppy Ears

Sometimes I don’t want to take sophisticated photos of fancy pants architecture, sometimes I just want to take a photo of a cute dog with floppy ears. I’m so glad I walked past this guy, he’s the best.


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Ubud Monkey Forest All-Stars

I’m in Bali and my first stop is the sacred monkey forest sanctuary in Ubud, an atmospheric spot that is home to some of my favourite monkeys (yes I have a list of favourite primates, Gibbons are number 1 by the way). As friendly as these long-tailed macaques are, you want to be respectful or you’re liable to receive a year’s supply of rabies as your reward. Here’s who made the roster for my inaugural Ubud Monkey Forest All-Stars:

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Sydney Birds

Here are some pics of the birds that followed me around Sydney, including colourful lorikeets, cheeky kookaburras and annoyingly loud cockatoos.

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Just Me and a Raicho (Rock Ptarmigan)

Inevitably it started raining during one of the most difficult sections of the day. Just when it was getting really tough I came across a family of birds known as Raicho (‘lightning bird’) to the Japanese. I learnt later on that night that, according to legend, they are guardians of the mountain. I don’t know if this means they were supposed to throw me off the mountain or look after me but either way it was a nice distraction during a difficult climb.

Educational update: Turns out Raicho are a Japanese subspecies of Rock Ptarmigan (Partridge).


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