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A Night at the Burj Al Arab

Trey and I headed out to the beach to finish our time in Dubai and it felt a lot more relaxed than the downtown area. We stayed near the Burj Al Arab which is apparently a 7-star hotel, I’m not even sure I understand what that means, do they have extra towels? Maybe higher minibar prices? Who knows. It was fun taking photos along the beach and we even had a few drinks way up there at the Burj Al Arab’s Skyview Bar. It was expensive of course but still totally worth it! YOLO baby!

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Atlantis The Palm from a Helicopter

Wow this was amazing! Today we took an open door helicopter flight around Dubai, circling around the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and other amazing buildings, so much fun! I hung my feet out the door, blasted music and went photo crazy! Happy I didn’t drop any lenses from the helicopter, that would have been kinda awkward… We swung by Atlantis The Palm at one point and got a great perspective of the resort, what a project that must have been! OK I will take deep breaths now as I return to planet earth, I really felt like a kid again up there! Thanks to Dubai Films for organizing.

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Big Boats at the Dubai Marina

Time for a leisurely stroll down at the Dubai Marina, just me and the ‘tripod police’, haha how romantic! I can’t believe how much energy is put in to stopping people taking photos here in Dubai, aren’t pretty photos of your city a good thing?? Anyway I did manage to take this photo (yay for me!) and I really like it! What a cool spot, I wonder how often these boats leave the marina? Possibly never to answer my own question, owning a big boat is all about owning a big boat, have you seen my big boat? It’s in the Dubai Marina. It’a a big boat.

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Under the Burj Khalifa

I’ve been walking around downtown Dubai today taking photos of the Burj Khalifa, it’s fun trying to come up with interesting compositions and also really challenging so I got a little creative with this one. I’m here taking photos for a few days with my pal (and photographer extraordinaire) Trey Ratcliff, let the good times roll!

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Grass Roof Homes in the Faroe Islands

Wow I LOVE the houses here in the Faroe Islands! Especially these ones with grass roofs! There’s a whole bunch of them near the harbour in Torshavn (where I found this beauty). They’re so quaint and charming, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all had grass roof homes? Yes is the answer, now if I can just work out how to get up there for a picnic…

Grass Roof Homes in the Faroe Islands

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Hallgrimskirkja on a Wild Morning

I’m staying right across the road from this incredible church here in Reykjavik called Hallgrimskirkja. Other than being impossible to spell correctly, this thing is just amazing! It kind of looks like a spaceship, and on this wild morning of swirling clouds it actually looks like it was blasting off!

Hallgrimskirkja on a Wild Morning

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Inside Hagia Sophia

I explored Hagia Sophia today and wow what an amazing building! There’s some incredible history here as it was originally a church, then a mosque and now a museum. Tripods aren’t allowed inside of course so I increased the ISO a bit and tried to hold things steady, I didn’t want to lose any of that amazing detail!

Inside Hagia Sophia

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Exploring the Tokyo International Forum

I don’t know much about architecture but I do know that the Tokyo International Forum in Chiyoda is totes awesome! Haha that’s right even a layman like me can enjoy the awesomeness, especially with a camera! You could probably spend hours here going from floor to floor finding interesting compositions, it’s free to look around too so what are you waiting for!


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To Infinity and Beyond at the Melbourne Arts Centre

There’s just something about this photo of the Melbourne Arts Centre that makes me want to shout “to infinity and beyond!” like I’m Buzz Lightyear or something. Maybe it’s the spire thing that looks a bit like a space rocket, or maybe it’s because I’m a bit weird….ok it’s definitely that.


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The Cafe Wall Illusion in Docklands

I went for a walk around Docklands here in Melbourne the other night, it’s a bit of a ghost town but there’s some interesting architectural stuff down there. Hard to miss the Customs Services building with its giant cafe wall illusion, which I just learned is located at 1010 La Trobe St, binary cool! 🙂


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Staying at the Singular Patagonia

Seeing it was my last night I decided to stay at an interesting place called the Singular Patagonia, an old cold storage facility that had been renovated into a unique hotel. The outside remains intact so it doesn’t look like a hotel (at all) and the inside is built around all the old rooms and machinery so it was a lot of fun to just walk around and explore the place. I’m not entirely sure how I got up there but at one point I was in the rafters. Cool hotel and a great way to finish my trip 🙂


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A Week in Croatia

You can’t do Croatia justice in a week but you can bloody well try! Well that’s the attitude I had anyway as I raced from destination to destination, ignoring anything that involved standing still, maximizing my time and enjoying some of the best moments I’ve ever had while traveling. This was no sailing trip, I missed the sunny shores and all the beautiful islands that go with them but I’ll save that for another day, this trip was all about life in the fast lane. Dubrovnik was delightful, Split was spectacular, Plitvice was perfect and Zagreb was….zesty? These are some of my favorite photos, thanks for the memories Croatia, till we meet again.

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Loving Zagreb

After a crazy schedule traveling through Croatia I felt relieved just to make it to Zagreb, I’d explored some amazing places and taken a few nice pics so surely my work was done right? Wrong. Zagreb is too nice to dismiss like that so once again I set out to see what made it tick (first world problems right). There’s some beautiful parks, classic architecture and interesting sculptures to keep the camera busy and the city had a very welcoming feel to it. I was tempted to make my way out to the neighboring mountains for one final Croatian sunrise but then I realized my flight back to London was at 10am and I’d barely slept over the past week. Chalk up a point for sanity (possibly its first one on this trip). Loving Zagreb was easy and loving Croatia was even easier, good times.


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Exploring Diocletian’s Palace

I had barely done any research on Split so exploring Diocletian’s Palace was more a stroke of good luck than good planning. It was getting late and I was hungry so I set out to find something to eat. While searching for a restaurant I found myself exploring the ruins of an old palace, Diocletian’s Palace to be exact. It was pretty cool but I tend not to appreciate things as much as I should when I’m hungry (I ended up finding a decent pizza place for dinner, in case you were wondering).


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The Old Town Walls of Dubrovnik

I enjoyed the Old Town Walls of Dubrovnik so much that I walked around them three times! The weather was a little wild so the first lap was cloudy, the second stormy and the third sunny. Being a popular tourist destination it was quite crowded but nothing that I hadn’t seen before while traveling around Europe.


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Inside St Saviour Church

One of the first things I saw when I entered the Old Town of Dubrovnik was the Church of St Saviour, it’s around 500 years old and a beautiful space to enjoy. I don’t remember seeing any signs while inside but I couldn’t help but take a quick picture to preserve the memory.


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London, on a Good Day

London has been a wonderful base to experience a European summer and I was lucky enough to time it perfectly with the Olympics. Although I didn’t take any photos of Olympic action I had an incredible time and it was great to see the British people support the event with such enthusiasm and class. I thought I’d put together some of my favourite photos from my London adventure to help relive the good times. There are so many great landmarks and attractions here with everything from the Tower Bridge to Big Ben, the Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Gherkin, Wimbledon, St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye and so much more all just a short trip on the Underground from each other. Thanks for the memories London, on a good day you can’t be beaten.

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Ich bin in Berlin

Ich bin in Berlin, according to Google Translate that means “I’m in Berlin”. Now that we’ve cleared that up I can say that Berlin is a lot of fun (even if they are apparently a little sick of tourists), there were lots of interesting things to see, including the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Dome, Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island etc and it wasn’t hard to find a good spot for a drink later on. Obviously there’s also huge amounts of history here in Berlin and you can learn a lot at the various museums and memorials. Among more somber things, I learned that the mayor once described Berlin as “poor, but sexy”, brilliant.


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The Reichstag Dome

Thanks to some local knowledge from a friend I’d applied in advance to see the the Reichstag Dome while I was in Berlin. You get some beautiful views of the city on top of the Reichstag building so I made sure to book a time around sunset to maximize the awesomeness. I must have been up there for well over an hour in the end, walking up and down the spiral walkways and looking over the city. The dome is a really unique structure and looked even better as the sun went down, if you’re into photography it’s an absolute must see while you’re in Berlin.


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A Square Head in Nice

A giant square head in Nice, now I’ve truly seen everything. Would you believe that this square head is also a fully functioning 7 storied building?


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