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Sunset on the Mornington Peninsula

Note to self, spend more time on the Mornington Peninsula! I rented a beach house near Rye (about an hour from Melbourne) for three days and it was amazing! The coastline is beautiful down here and perfect for photography. A storm rolled in on the final afternoon and really brought the sky to life with intense lightning in one direction and a gorgeous sunset in the other. I found this cool little cave and did a little bit of exploring, slowly backing out of the cave as I remembered about all the dangerous animals here in Australia… Haha easy to forget when you’re from NZ, there’s nothing dangerous back home!

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Under the Santa Monica Pier

This is my first photo taken with the new Sony a7r II and I quite like it! 🙂 I don’t think it would have looked much different with the original a7r (or any other modern digital camera for that matter) but it at least helps me justify the ridiculous price I paid haha! Well kind of anyway… Obviously I need to play around with it a lot more but at first glance it seems pretty similar to the a7r, a little bigger, a slight bump in stats (more megapixels baby!) and with some of those weird software quirks thankfully fixed (bracketing/timer limitations etc).

As for the photo, I went for a casual stroll along the beach in Santa Monica ending up underneath the pier at sunset. The light blasted through creating all kinds of awesome shadows, just a really cool scene.

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The Bend at Tahunanui Beach

I took this photo during a walk around Tahunanui Beach here in Nelson, New Zealand. I couldn’t fit the nice little tidal bend into one shot so ended up stitching 5 photos together to make a panorama, something that I’ve been doing more of lately using Photoshop. I export the individual shots through Lightroom and hey presto we’ve got a panorama! My computer churns through the process quite slowly and I might have to do a little adjusting when the algorithm doesn’t get it quite right but all things considered it’s surprisingly easy!

The Bend at Tahunanui Beach

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The Rocks at Vik

I wandered down to the beach at Vik (in Southern Iceland) one night to take some long exposure photos. There was thick cloud about and it was REALLY dark, I mean I could barely see anything out there! To set up a shot I first cranked the ISO up as high as it could go and took a quick trial exposure purely to see what was out there. After getting the composition right I crunched some numbers based on the high ISO trial and then took the real deal with a much lower ISO (1600 in this case). I would wait for anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes for the exposure to finish which was incredibly boring! Haha you have no idea how slow time moves when you’re on a beach in the middle of the night in Iceland! I just kind of walked about aimlessly until the exposure was finished. At least the long wait made it super exciting to see the results!


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Reykjavik Seashore at Night

I arrived in Reykjavik pretty late but I really wanted to get out there and have a look around so that’s exactly what I did! Luckily for me it doesn’t get dark until late here during the summer, it was close to midnight when I took this photo but as you can see there was still light on the horizon. I could have easily had an early night at my hostel but it was a gorgeous evening so I’m glad I got out there and made the most of it!

Reykjavik Seashore at Night

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A Morning Walk Along the Cairns Esplanade

I got up early this morning and went for a walk along the Cairns esplanade, it’s really gorgeous and has a different feel to it than the parts of Australia I’m used to, very tropical. As a word of advice don’t get greedy and walk too far out towards the water as you may end up with mud halfway up your leg and a very sheepish look on your face….

Why am I actually here in Cairns? Good question! I’m on my way to Japan for a month and decided to stop here for a few days to break up the flights and have a look around.


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Bora Bora Jet Skiing

Before coming to French Polynesia I’d never tried jet skiing, I’ve since been twice so I’m pretty much an expert now! 🙂 My first experience was on Huahine and it was a blast! We had perfect conditions and the instructor was great, making sure we knew what we were doing while giving us the freedom to go at our own pace. I had such a great time I tried it again at Bora Bora. The conditions were rough and our instructor was a bit boring but I still had fun. They must get some absolute idiots on these things so I can understand them being safety conscious. I took this photo after we’d finished up for the day, you can see from the palms trees swaying in the background that it was a bit windy.


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Sunset on Matira Beach, Bora Bora

The last few days of my trip are here on the island of Bora Bora. It’s been fun so far and I enjoyed watching the sunset last night on Matira Beach, Bora Bora’s only publicly accessible beach. I thought it would be much busier but I guess everyone else is enjoying cocktails from the comfort of their hotel pool!


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The Impossible Blue

I was absolutely mesmerized by this scene on the beach at Huahine. Fluffy white clouds floated across the impossibly blue sky as I slowly dozed off, drifting gently between worlds.


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Mostly Good Times in Florianopolis

Other than bricking my camera I had a great time in Florianopolis, catching up with old friends and making a few new ones along the way. Florianopolis is a beautiful spot and it’s fun to just walk around aimlessly with a camera in hand. It was a long journey to Brazil (no thanks to Aero Mexico…) but I made the wedding on time (just) and had a blast, congrats to Haydin and Julia!


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The Beaches of Florianopolis

The beaches of Florianopolis in Brazil are beautiful. It’s worth getting up a little early to watch the sun come up in the morning, although I’m pretty sure all the other people down there with me were still up from the night before, that’s cool too of course.


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Storm Chasing in Nelson

On the news tonight they said a storm would hit the Nelson Lakes region (and presumably not Nelson). As the evening went on clouds started to gather, forming an intimidating squall overhead that seemed to be alive, changing colour and shape as it pleased, I guess the storm was coming our way after all! It was at this point that I grabbed my camera (despite a low battery and a nearly full memory card) and raced down to the beach to get a better view. And what a view! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a spectacular storm,  just incredible. I was desperate to get some of the lightning in shot and while I never got the “perfect shot”, I did get a nice one looking out over the water as a lightning bolt came crashing down. There was potential for a one in a million shot tonight with the presence of lightning, crazy clouds, an incredible sunset and even a rainbow, I didn’t get it but I’m pretty happy with some of my one in a hundred type shots. I ran out of battery but quickly went home, recharged, and went back for more storm chasing, I’d missed most of the fun stuff by then but there was still time to get a few shots as the storm rolled out of town. Just a really fun night, reminds me why I enjoy photography so much.


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Rocks Road and the Cliffs

Rocks Road is an iconic part of Nelson where you get a great view of the Boulder Bank, Haulashore Island, Arrow Rock and Tahunanui Beach. To get more of a bird’s eye view you can go up above the cliffs as far as the Princes Drive lookout where a beautiful panoramic view awaits. It’s funny how I never appreciated how beautiful Nelson is until I got older, well not laugh out loud funny but you get the idea. It was another gorgeous evening and I’m happy with how these pics came out, especially the tree with Arrow Rock in the background, it doesn’t get much more “Nelson” than that.


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Tata Beach, Golden Bay

I used to visit Golden Bay more often when I was younger but it hasn’t happened much recently so it was nice to get over the Takaka Hill and enjoy Tata Beach, one of many beautiful spots in the region.


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Sunset on Tahunanui Beach

Yesterday I took a whole bunch of sunrise photos on Tahunanui Beach so today I’m balancing it out with a whole beach of sunset photos on Tahunanui Beach. I probably need to move on to taking pictures of something other than beaches and the sun but meh, I’ll stick to the beach for now thanks. Walking along the beach brings back heaps of memories for me growing up as a kid, especially at the back beach area where I used to walk our family dog. There are less sand dunes now due to erosion (Tahunanui means “big sand dunes” in the Maori language if you were wondering) but it’s still an amazing spot, especially as the sun goes down at night.


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Sunrise on Tahunanui Beach

It feels good to be home. I’m back in New Zealand for the holiday season and I love nothing better than to stroll around aimlessly on Tahunanui Beach in Nelson, basking in the sunshine and taking a few photos when my camera is on hand. I took a few shots of the sunrise this morning and they came out quite nicely, it took some effort to get out of bed at 5.30am but you’d be amazed what you can get done in a day if you do!


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Adventure in the Philippines

My trip to the Philippines was a real adventure. After arriving 24 hours late in Manila thanks to flight delays I was greeted by an uncompromising concrete jungle that I couldn’t get out of fast enough. Banaue in the north was a welcoming change of pace and home to some incredible rice terraces. Panglao Island showed off postcard worthy beaches while Bohol had a little bit of everything. The Chocolate Hills were my favourite spot and I’m glad I managed to stay there overnight, seeing the hills as the sun came up in the morning was breathtaking. Obviously there’s much more to see in the Philippines and I can’t wait to come back one day to do some hiking, visit Mount Pinatubo and explore Palawan, but until then, these are my favourite photos from an adventure in the Philippines.

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Exploring the Island of Bohol

After 3 days exploring the island of Bohol I think I’ve done a pretty good job of experiencing what it has to offer. The Chocolate Hills were amazing, the forests were majestic, the wildlife was incredible and the beaches were (checks thesaurus) beauteous. If you’re in the Visayas region or the Philippines in general I definitely recommend checking it out, it’s probably worth it for the Chocolate Hills alone (and no they don’t make chocolate there, I know you were wondering).


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Alona Beach on Panglao Island

It would be rude to come to the Philippines and not lounge around on the stunning white sands of a local beach so I trundled along to Alona Beach on Panglao Island and enjoyed a day of beach activities. There’s swimming, snorkeling, boat trips and plenty more on offer for the energetic as well as some good old fashioned sun bathing for everyone else. It’s pretty much paradise so naturally their was an incredible sunset that topped off a fun day at the beach and a wonderful trip to the Philippines in general (if I forget about Manila that is).


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A Lone Figure on Tahunanui Beach

I love aimlessly walking along Tahunanui Beach when I’m back in Nelson, especially when the tide is out and you can walk almost endlessly towards where the water would otherwise be. I took a few photos while I was down there today and this one stood out, a lone figure on Tahunanui Beach.


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