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Big Boats at the Dubai Marina

Time for a leisurely stroll down at the Dubai Marina, just me and the ‘tripod police’, haha how romantic! I can’t believe how much energy is put in to stopping people taking photos here in Dubai, aren’t pretty photos of your city a good thing?? Anyway I did manage to take this photo (yay for me!) and I really like it! What a cool spot, I wonder how often these boats leave the marina? Possibly never to answer my own question, owning a big boat is all about owning a big boat, have you seen my big boat? It’s in the Dubai Marina. It’a a big boat.

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The Boatsheds in Balestrand

I’ve stopped in Balestrand for a few nights and already done a little photowalk that ended up here at these wonderful little boatsheds sitting on the fjord. When I take a photo from a wharf/jetty structure like this I review the photos by zooming in super close to make sure there wasn’t too much up and down movement going on in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re bobbing up and down a little so it always pays to check! In this case there was some up and down movement so I cranked up the shutter speed and compensated with a higher ISO, problem solved!

The Boatsheds in Balestrand

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Drifting Through Sognefjord

I’m on a boat drifting quietly through the fjords of Norway, oh my lordie it’s beautiful out here! I don’t really have any plans over the next 4 or 5 days I’m just gonna go with the flow, stopping overnight at towns in the Sognefjord that pique my interest, which could be all of them…

Update: I left my tripod on the boat but they returned it to me the next day! Haha thanks Norway! 🙂

Drifting Through Sognefjord

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Nolsoy Across the Sea

Surprisingly, the Faroe Islands are made up of a number of islands. One of the smaller ones is Nolsoy and it’s only a short ferry ride from the main town of Torshavn so I cruised over there yesterday to see what all the fuss is about! There’s a little community down one end and then a long walk through grasslands to a picturesque lighthouse. I’ll talk more about the hike another day but it was a memorable one and highly recommended if you happen to be over here! I took this photo of Nolsoy while on the ferry, hopefully it does justice to the gorgeous views here!


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The Impossible Blue

I was absolutely mesmerized by this scene on the beach at Huahine. Fluffy white clouds floated across the impossibly blue sky as I slowly dozed off, drifting gently between worlds.


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Timeless Reflections at Monaco, Nelson

I’m back home in Nelson, New Zealand for a few days and I’ve taken the opportunity to take some photos at Monaco, a lovely little boating area. I don’t normally go with black and white but I do like it every now and then and sometimes the situation just demands it! This seemed like one of those situations with the calm water giving the image a serene, timeless feel which is in direct contrast to my previous photo!


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Three Boats at St Kilda

I got up early and went out to St Kilda for some sweet sunrise action and my god it was cold! It doesn’t really get that cold here in Melbourne but the wind chill on this particular day was crazy town! I was pretty much frozen at this point but I managed to set up for a shot of these three little boats that were practically demanding to be photographed!


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Taking the Boat for a Spin

The sky was really beautiful on this night in Melbourne but I was lacking an interesting subject…..enter this guy and his boat. I helped him untie the rope attached to the pier and off he went, round and round in circles, right in front of that beautiful sky. I love Truman Show type moments like this! 🙂


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Sunset at the St Kilda Marina

I love reflections and I don’t really know why! I mean, I kinda do but I don’t specifically know what’s going on in the brain when we see them, they seem to have a certain magical quality that the brain really approves of. Anyway, they’re great for photography so I actively seek them out whenever I can, especially still water reflections in lagoons, ponds, lakes and marinas. Which brings me to this photo from the St Kilda Marina in Melbourne. It was a gorgeous evening and this scene really jumped out at me when I walked past. I closed the aperture all the way to f/22 to enhance the sun rays and really maximize the magic!


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Alona Beach on Panglao Island

It would be rude to come to the Philippines and not lounge around on the stunning white sands of a local beach so I trundled along to Alona Beach on Panglao Island and enjoyed a day of beach activities. There’s swimming, snorkeling, boat trips and plenty more on offer for the energetic as well as some good old fashioned sun bathing for everyone else. It’s pretty much paradise so naturally their was an incredible sunset that topped off a fun day at the beach and a wonderful trip to the Philippines in general (if I forget about Manila that is).


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A Week in Croatia

You can’t do Croatia justice in a week but you can bloody well try! Well that’s the attitude I had anyway as I raced from destination to destination, ignoring anything that involved standing still, maximizing my time and enjoying some of the best moments I’ve ever had while traveling. This was no sailing trip, I missed the sunny shores and all the beautiful islands that go with them but I’ll save that for another day, this trip was all about life in the fast lane. Dubrovnik was delightful, Split was spectacular, Plitvice was perfect and Zagreb was….zesty? These are some of my favorite photos, thanks for the memories Croatia, till we meet again.

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One Night in Split

With only one night in Split there wasn’t much time for rest and relaxation, it was all about seeing as much as I could in the limited time I had. That doesn’t sound like a recipe for a good time but it went surprisingly well and I was lucky enough to be there on a beautiful night highlighted by an incredible sunset and dramatic full moon. I could have spent more time exploring the palace ruins but it had been a long day that included a bus ride from Dubrovnik so I was happy to get some sleep and dream about my next destination, the Plitvice Lakes.


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The Boats of Split

Whether you’re sailing around Croatia, fishing from a dinghy, cruising to Hvar or showing off your latest super yacht, Split is all about water and boats. With so many on display I couldn’t help but take some photos of my favourites, so here they are, the boats of Split!


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Dubrovnik in 36 Hours

Looking back at my photos I’m kind of amazed I was only in Dubrovnik for 36 hours as I managed to squeeze in what felt like a weeks worth of sightseeing and activities. I loved walking the Old Town Walls, exploring Lapad, climbing the hills above Dubrovnik and strolling along Gruz harbor. The weather really came to the party (in terms of photography anyway) with wild winds, dramatic clouds, heavy rain, intense lightning and glorious sunshine setting a memorable scene. While 3 days to a week is probably a better length of time to spend in Dubrovnik, especially if you want to check out islands such as Mljet, I’m more than happy with my 36 hour adventure.


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Kungsleden – Surreal Reflections

While walking from Abiskojaure to Alesjaure I came across a number of surreal reflections in the lakes that follow alongside the Kungsleden trail. The funky cloud formations were a constant amazement and I thought they looked especially cool in this shot of a boat on the lake.


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My Relationship with Venice

From the moment I arrived in Venice I knew it was going to be a love/hate relationship. It took me hours to find my hotel and yet there was a part of me that enjoyed the amazing race type feeling as we darted in and out of alley ways, gambling on short cuts and retracing our steps at dead ends. I can’t remember the name of the “hotel” but it was pretty bad. The guy at reception was terrible but I think the worst thing was the measly fan that only worked while the light was on. It was horrendously humid so we pretty much had to rewire the room to survive at night (and by rewire I mean break), and don’t get me started on the mosquitoes, just don’t go there (I probably won’t blame the hotel for the mosquitoes but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was somehow part of their evil plan). The hotel experience got things off to a bad start but Venice is definitely a unique place with lots of interesting things to see. Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge are worth a look, there’s some nice museums around and it’s fun to just explore the cities maze of bridges, canals and alley ways. Much like a real relationship, there were ups and downs but it was worth it in the end….just.

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Gondolas in Venice

I’ve already talked quite a bit about gondolas in Venice but I like this photo, so I have to write something about it. What’s that? I don’t? Great! Let’s move on then.


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A Gondola Traffic Jam

The waters of Venice are ruled by gondolas, traditional Venetian rowing boats that ferry tourists through the canals. The water in Venice is quite deep so they’re slightly different from punts, using oars instead of poles to be propelled forward. A gondola traffic jam like this one is a pretty common sight, maybe they should think about installing traffic lights?


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Interisland Ferry Crossing in New Zealand

I’m back home in New Zealand and heading off to the North Island on the Interislander Ferry, a crossing I used to make all the time when I was younger so there’s some fond memories here. It’s always beautiful going through the Marlborough Sounds and occasionally there’s a nice photo opportunity when you cross paths with the ferry going the other way.


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