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A Night at the Burj Al Arab

Trey and I headed out to the beach to finish our time in Dubai and it felt a lot more relaxed than the downtown area. We stayed near the Burj Al Arab which is apparently a 7-star hotel, I’m not even sure I understand what that means, do they have extra towels? Maybe higher minibar prices? Who knows. It was fun taking photos along the beach and we even had a few drinks way up there at the Burj Al Arab’s Skyview Bar. It was expensive of course but still totally worth it! YOLO baby!

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Big Boats at the Dubai Marina

Time for a leisurely stroll down at the Dubai Marina, just me and the ‘tripod police’, haha how romantic! I can’t believe how much energy is put in to stopping people taking photos here in Dubai, aren’t pretty photos of your city a good thing?? Anyway I did manage to take this photo (yay for me!) and I really like it! What a cool spot, I wonder how often these boats leave the marina? Possibly never to answer my own question, owning a big boat is all about owning a big boat, have you seen my big boat? It’s in the Dubai Marina. It’a a big boat.

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Under the Burj Khalifa

I’ve been walking around downtown Dubai today taking photos of the Burj Khalifa, it’s fun trying to come up with interesting compositions and also really challenging so I got a little creative with this one. I’m here taking photos for a few days with my pal (and photographer extraordinaire) Trey Ratcliff, let the good times roll!

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Melbourne from High Above

I love coming up here to the viewing deck at the Eureka Tower in Melbourne every now and then. If I’m not busy and it looks like it might be a nice sunset I’ll head on up and take photos for an hour or so, just casually strolling about looking for interesting shots. The sun sets at different locations on the horizon over the year (kinda obvious but still something to think about) so it’s always a little different. Right now in summer it drops into the ocean at the end of the Yarra River and I like the way your eyes follow the river past Southbank all the way out to Port Melbourne as the sun says goodbye for another day.

Melbourne from High Above

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Sunset from the Galata Tower in Istanbul

You get an incredible view of Istanbul from the Galata Tower but it can be quite an ordeal making your way around the outside balcony! It was narrow, packed with people and just a wild experience! It didn’t seem like anyone knew what was going on, some people were trying to get a good vantage point and others were just trying to get the heck out of there! Haha. Totally worth it for the views but it was quite a acrophobic/claustrophobic experience!

Sunset from the Galata Tower in Istanbul

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Exploring the Tokyo International Forum

I don’t know much about architecture but I do know that the Tokyo International Forum in Chiyoda is totes awesome! Haha that’s right even a layman like me can enjoy the awesomeness, especially with a camera! You could probably spend hours here going from floor to floor finding interesting compositions, it’s free to look around too so what are you waiting for!


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Endless Skyscrapers in Osaka

Osaka is such a great city for night photography! There are lots of futuristic buildings and interesting cityscapes to enjoy, especially from above. This shot of skyscrapers surging into the night sky was from the Umeda Sky Building, which has some great 360 degree views, plus they allow tripods! The exposure was five seconds long and there’s no way I could hold the camera steady for that long without a tripod, I can’t even hold it steady for one second!


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The Crystal Tower in Osaka Business Park

I went for a casual stroll around the Osaka Business Park one evening and came to the conclusion that they’ve made very liberal use of the word ‘park’. Sure there are some trees sprinkled about but it feels very much like your typical business district, maybe it makes workers feel better about going to work, knowing they work in a ‘park’. Just an observation anyway, I did find some cool stuff down there, including the monolithic Crystal Tower. I would normally flip the camera to get the whole building in shot but I really like the imposing look it had in landscape.


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A Storm of Colour over Osaka

When I book hotels in cities these days I try to remember to ask for a high room with a nice view, hotels can be great for epic cityscapes! It doesn’t always work out but sometimes they really make an effort, especially if you’re polite about it. They helped me out when I stayed at the Hotel Monterey Grasmere in Osaka and I got some great views of the city. The sky was amazing that evening so I was twice as thankful for having the sweet view!


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Sunset Reflection from the Eureka Tower in Melbourne

I’ve been living near the Eureka Tower for a while now but hadn’t gone up to the observation deck until a few days ago. I was waiting for some epic weather and I think I found it on this night! After cruising up to the 88th floor I walked around the observation deck a few times, waiting for sunset while looking for interesting compositions.

With just a thin gap between the clouds and the horizon there was only going to be a small window of opportunity to capture the sun as it fell through the void. I can tell you that it was quite a spectacle when it did! Light suddenly flooded the city and I went to work getting as many shots as I could. It was interesting going through the sequence afterwards as the images suddenly explode to life for a brief moment. I spent most of my time looking through the windows at this spot as I thought the reflection off the gold plated windows was super cool.

As you might imagine with so many windows and reflections involved, there was a lot of stray light. It took some work cleaning things up but I think the final result is pretty cool and a nice reminder for me of that moment when the sun dropped beneath those dramatic clouds and Melbourne came to life.


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The View from My New Apartment

This is the view from my new apartment in Southbank, Melbourne. It’s mostly a giant Crown building but hey, always good to be living right next to a casino right?…


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Sunrise in the Heart of Melbourne

I took this shot from the bridge that goes over the Yarra River on St Kilda Road early one morning as the sun came up. If I had to recommend just one place in Melbourne to take photos then it would probably be around here in the centre of the city near Federation Square. Sure it’s a bit touristy but you can find a wide variety of interesting shots within just a short walk. Obviously there’s much more to see but I’m sure busy people with just a few hours up their sleeve will appreciate my half-arsed and completely obvious suggestion. 🙂


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Late Night Reflections in Melbourne

You can get some wonderful late night photos in Melbourne along the Yarra River, this is in front of the rowing club looking towards Federation Square. There was a dark, moody feel to the scene so I used a slightly underexposed shot and heavily vignetted the corners to help accentuate that while processing in Lightroom.


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Flames Over the Yarra River

I mentioned the other day how much I love reflections so it might not surprise you to see them in this photo too! There’s a flame show every hour between 9pm and midnight along Southbank here in Melbourne and I’ve always wanted to involve them in some kind of composition. There were lots of inviting puddles around after some rain so it seemed like as good a time as any to give this shot a try. There were a lot of people coming past so it ended up being quite difficult! I took a number of different exposures and managed to merge them together to create something that worked. 🙂


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The Cafe Wall Illusion in Docklands

I went for a walk around Docklands here in Melbourne the other night, it’s a bit of a ghost town but there’s some interesting architectural stuff down there. Hard to miss the Customs Services building with its giant cafe wall illusion, which I just learned is located at 1010 La Trobe St, binary cool! 🙂


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Lights Over the Yarra River

Melbourne is a great city for taking photos at night! Especially along the Yarra River where you can get some really nice reflections of the skyline. This spot in Southbank is one of my favourites.


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A Golden Sunrise at the Sydney Opera House

You can’t take a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge without taking one of the Sydney Opera House right! Especially when they’re so close! While I liked how the Harbour Bridge looked at night I preferred how the Opera House looked during a golden sunrise the next morning, and yes I did go back to my hotel in between shots. 🙂


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Two Sides of a North Korean Prison

OK before you start thinking I did time in a North Korean prison, I’d like to point out that this is an old movie set from some cheesy 80’s movie. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, how awesome is it! An abandoned North Korean prison set just sitting there above Queenstown! We took photos from different angles and it was fun to see what we could come up with. Always keen to hear both sides of the story, I paired a sun drenched shot of the front with a darker, grungy one from the other side.


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Manila Has Me Now

After 24 hours of delays (nice one Malaysia Airlines!) I’m out of airports and starting a new adventure, this time in the Philippines. I’m getting things started in Manila but I can’t wait to get out of here to tell you the truth, the traffic is horrendous! Anyway, this is the view from my hotel, I’ll just leave it at that.


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A Week in Croatia

You can’t do Croatia justice in a week but you can bloody well try! Well that’s the attitude I had anyway as I raced from destination to destination, ignoring anything that involved standing still, maximizing my time and enjoying some of the best moments I’ve ever had while traveling. This was no sailing trip, I missed the sunny shores and all the beautiful islands that go with them but I’ll save that for another day, this trip was all about life in the fast lane. Dubrovnik was delightful, Split was spectacular, Plitvice was perfect and Zagreb was….zesty? These are some of my favorite photos, thanks for the memories Croatia, till we meet again.

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